30 August 2020 16:37

Haas F1 Team Formula 1 Kevin Magnussen

Magnussen: "I've given everything I had, but I've gone too far" Grosjean: "We knew we would be in the bottom six or eight" Another difficult Saturday day for the Haas team at the F1 2020 Belgian GP. After yesterday's mechanical problems and in view of the performance of the car, both Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen saw their qualifying finished in Q1 – the Frenchman was 17th and the Danish 20th–. In the team they hope that the rain will appear tomorrow, so that they can take advantage of a 'crazy' race. Kevin Magnussen (20th): "It was very tight after the second run in terms of time, because we were trying to do three runs here in Q1. However, after my second run, the gap was not too big compared to 13th and 14th.

Motors : Haas at the 2020 F1 Belgian GP: Saturday

It would have been a Very good position for us. I knew I had to do a very good lap to achieve it. I gave everything I had, but I passed. I made a mistake at Turn 14 and I went off. We had no slips in both first laps and that costs about three tenths. It really hasn't worked out for us. Obviously, we don't know much about our race pace, but we're quicker in the race than we were in qualifying. I hope it's the same tomorrow. There's a good chance that rain on Sunday, which could make things exciting. Romain Grosjean (17th): "We knew we would be among the last six to eight cars in qualifying. It's no secret that here, Monza, Mugello … it's likely all going to be tough weekends. The best we can do is make the most of it. car, and I think I have. My fastest lap has been a fun lap. Spa is absolutely 'mega', I wish I could run more often here. Even if you're in 17th place, it feels fast. If the conditions are changeable tomorrow then we can try different things and hopefully build on our strengths. Guenther Steiner, team leader: "It has been a difficult qualifying, but the whole weekend so far has been difficult. We haven't had much time to make up for the time we lost on Friday. We have done our best and made progress, but it didn't work out. We had planned that the two cars did three laps in Q1, to make sure they could get the most driving time before going on the fastest lap. Romain has been called to weigh-in so we lost one of his attempts because there was no time. Kevin, on his fastest lap, he tried to make the most of it and it was too much. Both of them did a good job, it is difficult to have the confidence to attack like this without racing on Friday. Kevin has tried hard because we don't have much to lose in right now. We have to push ourselves and not worry about taking calculated risks, although obviously we don't want to do anything stupid. If it rains tomorrow, we won't do anything stupid, but we will take calculated risks. If you want to read more news like this visit our Flipboard