31 October 2019 14:36

Halloween Autism Pumpkin

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — If you're looking for a last minute costume, don't worry! We have a couple of last minute looks to get you in disguise in time for Halloween night. Glowy Mermaid: -Pink, purple and blue eyeshadows (or any colors to match your costume) -Fishnet tights -Glitter -Eyelash glue -Rhinestones -Large makeup brush -Cut a piece of fabric from the fishnet tights and place it on top of your face. -Gently press the eyeshadow into your skin, over the tights.

Try not to move the fabric. -Add some colors to your eyes. -Add glitter overtop of the eyeshadow. -Add some eyelash glue in small spots over the scaley-look. -Place the rhinestones on top of the glue.

-Add a bright lip color and some more glitter over top the entire look. Spooky Skeleton: What you'll need: -Black and white Ben Nye MagiCake Aqua Paint, which can be purchased at Fantasy Frocks Costume Store in Bakersfield. (Any face paint that dries quickly will work.) -Several brushes -Black eye shadow -Remove any make up product off of your lips. Face and eye makeup can remain on -Start with the dark, black accents of the skeleton design -If you make a mistake, a clean brush dipped in water can be used as an 'eraser' -Go in and fill in the face with white paint. You may need several coats to achieve a matte, smooth look -Using black eye shadow, go over the white edges and the black details to blend and soften the look -An all black outfit completes the spooky look!

Picture this: You're old (I'm looking at you, upperclassmen), you're broke (@ every college student ever) and it's the day of Halloween. No costume? No problem! Makeup can be a great and easy way to create a perfectly spooky Halloween look while using products and pieces you already own. Before we jump in, a slight disclaimer: I am in no way a beauty guru; in fact, I'm practically the opposite (as in, I need my roommate to do my eyeshadow for me whenever we go out). So, these makeup looks will definitely air on the simplistic side, which is good in a time crunch and on a budget. So, without further ado, here are three simple but fun Halloween makeup looks that should have you covered for all of Halloweekend. Vampire No fake blood required (although bonus points if you happen to have some lying around). Being a vampire is a perfect last-minute costume, because it can be done completely with makeup. Since you want to look like you're dead, contour your cheeks, nose and forehead lightly with a gray eyeshadow; this will deepen your cheekbones and give you that sallow, haunted look. For the eyes, place a deep red or maroon shade in your crease and blend it out to create a bruised look. Then, add black eyeshadow to your lid and blend that out to the corner, as well. Make sure to blend the two shades, but don't make it too perfect; we're going for dead vampire, not perfectly polished beauty queen. Add the maroon shade to your bottom lash line and extend it almost to your cheek. This will really emphasize the bruised look. Also, add the black eyeshadow to your bottom lash line and smoke it out. If you want to get really fancy, draw deep red and blue veins extending from the bottom of your eye onto the tops of your cheek. For this part, you can use either eye shadow and a tiny brush or a colored liquid eyeliner. Finally, lips. I would go for a deep, dark red to keep with the vampire theme. If you want to add fake blood and fangs, go for it! But, if you're like me and refuse to purchase anything for Halloween this year, this makeup look will allow you to become the vampire of your dreams (or maybe more accurately, nightmares). Throw on an all-black outfit and you're good to go! Clown A professional makeup artist is giving Halloween makeup ideas just in time for the spookiest day of the year. Ally Kara from Creative Karacters says some makeup looks can be simple - like a lighter base on the face, eyeshadow and black lipstick for a character like Wednesday Addams. She says for other looks, like a Frankenstein-inspired look, she used green paint on one half of her face and drew in stitching with red paint to make the face look three-dimensional. Kara also says colored contacts can enhance your Halloween look, and also recommends shadowing and highlighting parts of your face. For a makeup look for the Hulk, Kara recommends using a dark shadow to deepen the cheekbones and eyebrows to create a more menacing look. She also says that eyeshadow can be used as blush, especially for a princess look. To enhance it, Kara recommends adding jewels to your face. MORE: Guide: Make Halloween less tricky for kids with food allergies Get ready for a splashy Halloween! Here's all you need to know about the trick-or-treating forecast 'Trick or treat!' Halloween safety tips