15 November 2019 00:40

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Halo: Reach kicks off PC Halo rereleases in December

Halo: Reach is coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and it will arrive on December 3. Microsoft and 343 Industries announced Halo: Reach would release on December 3. It was also announced all six titles in Halo: The Master Chief Collection can be purchased up-front on PC for $39.99 with Halo: Reach available for individual purchase for $9.99. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is also available with Xbox Game Pass. On console, players can get the updated Halo: The Master Chief Collection bundle, which includes the Halo 3: ODST campaign and Halo: Reach, for the same price.

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You can also now pre-install the game on Xbox Game Pass or pre-order on either the Microsoft Store or Steam. Earlier this month, 343 revealed an early set of PC specs for the different framerate and resolution targets. You can give those a look at the link. The revamped PC rereleases of Bungie's classic console shooter series Halo will kick off with Halo: Reach on December 3rd, Microsoft announced today. Reach was the fifth Halo FPS to be released but will be the first to come from The Master Chief Collection cos it's a prequel to the lot.

Have a gander in the new trailer before. Reach is the first and only Halo game I've played. I remember being quite put off from the start by the soundtrack, environment, and NPCs trying so hard to build tension for the reveal of… wee fat alien idiots who were as likely to cower in a corner as shoot me. But Reach was also the first FPS I played on a modern dual-stick controller and I was probably being dismissive to cover for the insecure frustration I felt being such a fumbling idiot. I'm quite keen to see what I'll make of it now, especially given how much chuffing Destiny I play. Halo: Reach is coming to Steam and the Microsoft Store on December 3rd, priced at £7/€10/$10. This is also the first instalment of the PC release of The Master Chief Collection, which for £30/€40/$40 will roll out a load more Halos over the next year or so. After Reach will come Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, followed by Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, then Halo 3: ODST (the one with Nathan Fillion and other noughties sci-fi folks), and finally Halo 4 (the first not made by Bungie) some time in 2020. Both Reach and the full Collection will also be covered by the Xbox Game Pass. Curiously, Microsoft have said they have no plans to bring the full Halo 5 to PC (despite what a leak/mistake suggested), even though we will be getting its upcoming sequel, Halo Infinite. It'd be baffling if they skipped it so I assume this remains some daft marketing ploy. X019, Microsoft's big event outlining the future of Xbox games, had several noteworthy announcements today. And Halo fans are getting a bit of a treat before year's end, because Halo: Reach is coming to Xbox Game Pass next month, rounding out the Master Chief Collection. It'll be available on December 3 this year for Xbox One and PC (through Steam as well). Halo: Reach first came out for Xbox 360 in 2010 and was the last Halo game from original series developer Bungie. It's a prequel that tells the story of Noble Team, a group of Spartans who gave it their all in the lead up to the beginning of the original game Halo: Combat Evolved. Reach is regarded as one of the high points for the franchise, and it's been upgraded visually for this generation with native 4K support. You can see footage of the PC version in action below: Halo: Reach will be part of the Master Chief Collection for both Xbox One and PC. However, this is the first game in the gradual rollout of Halo titles through the Collection for PC specifically. For all our coverage on all the things new for Microsoft games and Xbox One, check out the news coming out of X019: