15 May 2020 00:33

He was Melissa and Julie's child," one Twitter user wrote before deleting their message.

David Crosby is speaking out after Melissa Etheridge's son passed away this week. The music icon, who helped the singer and her ex-partner Julie Cypher conceive via sperm donation, took to Twitter with a message for those questioning his involvement in the family. "I respectfully point out, David was their donor. They did not have a son 'with' him. He was Melissa and Julie's child," one Twitter user wrote before deleting their message.

David Crosby Speaks Out After Death of Melissa Etheridge's Son

"They raised him. Like most donors, he played no other part." David, however, saw the tweet and replied, "Not true." Another user was more supportive by writing, "I will be 40 next month. As long as I can remember anything at all you have been one of my favorite voices. While I know that you were a surrogate, I also know that you just lost a son. I'm sorry, I know you've had a rough year." David responded and simply wrote, "Maybe it's a test." On Wednesday evening, Melissa broke her silence on the death of her 21-year-old son Beckett.


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Share your thoughts in the comments below. Seth Kaper-Dale is a writer and blogger who has been writing about music since he was old enough to play. You can find his work at SethKaper-Dale.com The Supreme Court of the United States is set to hear oral arguments next month in one of the most important Supreme Court cases of the year, on a case that could determine the future of same-sex marriage
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(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) (WENN.com) - David Crosby has said he will perform at the funeral of Melissa Etheridge's son, Dylan Etheridge. In an interview with Billboard, the "Sweet Child O' Mine" singer explained that he has been working on the tribute to the singer for several years. "It's something I've been trying to do for about five or six years now," he said
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Mikey and I have a theory. We think that the music industry is a reflection of the state of society. We believe that the music industry is an industry that uses women and minorities as cheap labor, and that the music industry is a reflection of society. The music industry is a reflection of a society that is insecure with sexuality, in general. We believe that the music industry is a reflection of a society that is insecure with sexuality, in general
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I am a firm believer and a fan of David Crosby. I like his music on many levels and find it fascinating, and his stories of his childhood and his lifelong love for every song in his repertoire are not only true but incredible. I am also a huge supporter of the LGBT community in general and the courage and knowledge that the transgender community has displayed in the face of hate, ridicule, and violence. I am a firm believer and a fan of David Crosby
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"I think it's a good thing. It's good to have the body of a deceased person in the world. I think it should be done and I think the family should be encouraged to make the choice of whether or not they want to get the body of a deceased person." What do you think about Melissa Etheridge's death? "I think it's unfortunate
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