25 May 2020 10:35

Here are the bank holiday opening times for DIY stores.

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The video will start in 8 Cancel Click to play Tap to play Sign up to FREE email alerts from Daily Star - Daily News Subscribe Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Invalid Email The late May bank holiday is finally here, and Brits can enjoy some much-needed rest before starting the new week. While some may want to spend the day relaxing, others may want to visit DIY stores to carry out some home renovations. The good new is that most DIY stores such as B&Q, Homebase and Wickes are open during the coronavirus lockdown. But because it's a bank holiday they will be changing their opening hours stores. That's why it's important to double-check opening times before heading out, so you aren't heading out unnecessarily.

B&Q, Homebase, Wickes – DIY stores bank holiday opening times

Here are the bank holiday opening times for DIY stores. B&Q has reopened all of its 288 stores nationwide. Most B&Q stores will be open from 8am to 6pm on bank holiday Monday. However, this may vary from store to store. Before you head out, use the B&Q online store locator to check local opening times. While in-store you will have to follow strict social distancing measures. There are two metre floor markings throughout shops, as well as perspex screens at checkout. Homebase (Image: In Pictures via Getty Images) Home base will be keeping to its normal opening times today, Monday, May 25. That means that shops will be open from 9am to 6pm. But keep in mind that opening hours can vary from store to store. Double-check using the Homebase store locator before heading out. Wickes (Image: Getty Images) Wicked is open from 8am to 5pm today, which will give you plenty of time to shop for your DIY project. Check the Wickes online store locator for local variations. Some stores remained closed due to reduced staffing levels, so it's worth checking which Wickes branches are open too. At Wickes you must also keep a two metre distance from customers and staff. Full list of bank holidays 2020 • New Year's Day, Wednesday, January 1 • New Year's Holiday, Thursday, January 2 (Scotland only) • St Patrick's Day, Tuesday, March 17 (Northern Ireland only) • Good Friday, Friday, April 10 • Easter Monday, Monday, April 13 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland only) • Early May bank holiday, Friday, May 8 • Spring bank holiday, Monday, May 25 • Battle of the Boyne, Monday, July 13 (Northern Ireland only) • Summer bank holiday, Monday, August 3 (Scotland only) • Summer bank holiday, Monday, August 31 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland only) • St Andrew's Day, Monday, November 30 (Scotland only) Christmas Day, Friday, December 25 • Boxing Day, Monday, December 28


Tina Wood May 25 2020 10:41
The banks have acted responsibly and in line with their own policies. They have reduced the amount of money they make in the bank, and the amount of money they give out to customers. The customers are happy with the transactions. They have fewer transactions. So banks have been very efficient in the decision they make. It is true that the Bank Holiday cuts the amount of money they make in the bank
Sian Vincent May 25 2020 10:42
The grilled cheeseburger is great and the bun is fun to eat. There's a lot of flavor and a lot of fat. The combination of everything is very good. The bun is unique and a lot of people joke that it's a sandwich on a bun. But it is not a sandwich on a bun. The bun is a loaf of bread with some melted cheese on it. The bun is like a little ketchup bun
Dean Edwards May 25 2020 10:46
This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. "I live in North Carolina, and the only thing attracting me to the state these days is the state's reputation as a hotbed of liberal politics," said Bill Shatner, a longtime Star Trek fan who has campaigned for Hillary Clinton
Dr. Janet Simmons May 25 2020 10:47
At the moment, it is only available in the US and Canada. We intend to bring b&q to the rest of the world soon and ship it globally soon after. What are your plans for the future? The next step is to add features to the app. The best part is that we already have some high-quality music and sound effects already in the app
Dr. Donald Johnson May 25 2020 10:51
At a Bar-B-Q in Brooklyn, N.Y. (File/AP) A study released Monday by the American Psychological Association found that the majority of Americans have a much better understanding of global warming than most scientists
Jacob White May 25 2020 10:52
The president of the British Olympic Association has called on the government to take "immediate action" following the death of a British man in Rio. Chris Hoy, 53, was on a jogging track at the Olympic Park when a suspected drug cheater ran over him and its reported that he died from a heart attack
Jack Simpson May 25 2020 10:56
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Janice Nicholls May 25 2020 10:57
Megan Bartholomew Megan Bartholomew has been a freelance writer for over a decade, specializing in gaming and the geek culture. She's also responsible for the editing of the Geekwire ezine. Other work includes freelancing for The Escapist, Dragon Magazine, and GeekDad. The idea that there are different paths to being a better parent is something many people struggle with
Leanne Hodgson-Roberts May 25 2020 11:01
Share your views with us in the comments below. This episode is a bit different from the usual episode. The two of us have been on a whirlwind tour of the UK, speaking at many different events and writing many words of praise for the amazing city of Birmingham. We also bought some new music at a pretty reasonable price. Enjoy! The new music is from the band Edgeless, including the single, "I'm Not Walking Away"
Anna Anderson May 25 2020 11:02
E3 2013 is upon us with many big announcements for the games industry and games journalists but doesn't it seem just as if we're out of time? During the last year, we've seen a lot of writers and developers getting into the habit of covering games for a week or so in early July
bharris May 25 2020 11:06
The AP is reporting that the Obama administration is backing away from the idea of a separate transatlantic trade deal. The administration will no longer seek to include the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the next trade deal with the Asian nations that comprise the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. The AP cites "people familiar with the matter
Alice Thomas-Bell May 25 2020 11:07
As always, you can find more information about the project at their website. This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: We turn right now to Jeremy Scahill, the journalist and author of the new book Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield, which focuses on U.S
lewis16 May 25 2020 11:11
The UK economy has continued to grow strongly, albeit slightly slower than in the previous few months. The UK economy grew by an annualised 2.4pc in the second quarter, up from an annualised 1.5pc a year earlier
Dr. Brandon Miles May 25 2020 11:12
Comments (0) When I was a kid, people made fun of my family for having a large family. It was a family of eight, but we had nine children. When I was a teenager, my mother told me that she had a large family and that I was responsible for all of them. So why did I have three. I wondered
Leigh Walsh May 25 2020 11:16
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Patrick Howard May 25 2020 11:17
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yyoung May 25 2020 11:21
A former West Ham United player has been arrested in Poland on suspicion of rape. Former goalkeeper Milan Cipriani, 35, was stopped by police on Monday evening, the BBC reported. The Polish police have not commented on the alleged crime. Cipriani, who played for West Ham between 2007 and 2013, has been charged with rape in a case which has shocked the football world
Matthew King May 25 2020 11:22
Source WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill on Wednesday that would provide emergency funding for the body that oversees the Environmental Protection Agency, which faces a potential government shutdown next week unless Congress agrees to a measure to raise the debt ceiling. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) listens as he speaks in the House chamber at the U.S
Harry Morris May 25 2020 11:26
Image caption A number of banks in the UK will be closing on Sunday "Yes. A lot more people are going to be working," said one woman. Another said: "I have done this all my life. It's time to enjoy it." One man said: "It's been fine for me. You do get tired of it, but everything is better
Louis Hill May 25 2020 11:27
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Clive Knight-Jones May 25 2020 11:31
If you have similar ideas on how to relieve stress and get more done, I invite you to comment below. If you want to know more about how to make a personal impact in your life, subscribe to my monthly newsletter. You can't blame the Gem Academy for being furious. "What's more, this is the first time we've had to confront him," said Ms. Miranda, the dean
Grace Collins May 25 2020 11:32
[1:21:50 PM] Qwertdd: I love b&q. [1:22:08 PM] Qwertdd: I have to try every food okay? [1:22:14 PM] qwertdd: I mean I like b&q and I like the russian food
Gemma Bradshaw May 25 2020 11:36
About Us Hello, our name is the Knit-a-Thon and we are a group of knitters and crocheters who love to learn new stitches and techniques
Katherine Hill May 25 2020 11:37
SOURCE: www.bq.com In the middle of the night, in the middle of the digital age, when our lives are constantly being measured, we might be tempted to believe that we're somehow getting a raw deal. Or that we deserve to be treated like second-class citizens
Justin Johnson May 25 2020 11:41
We've got a video of the scene. The tweets include suggestions for cities you should visit. Watch the video below: The Washington Redskins made it official Thursday afternoon, announcing they will have no more playing time in 2016. The team said the resolution was made in the wake of an investigation into head coach Mike Shanahan's conduct with players. "Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins have agreed to part ways," the team said in a statement
Stuart Walker May 25 2020 11:42
Before you go, we have to thank you for taking the time to visit our JustGiving page. The Bridesmaids for this year's event are: Evelyn Catt Evelyn Catt is a wife, mother and a proud Bexleysheath resident who has been involved in Bexleysheath for the past 18 years
Laura Andrews May 25 2020 11:46
Banks will be open on bank holiday weekends, but the bank holidays will be shorter, so there is less chance for people to be away from their homes. The other day I had a bank holiday in the UK and it was a bit too long and I was not able to use it
Eileen Lloyd May 25 2020 11:47
Oh my god, I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I don't know what else to say. I'm so happy. I don't know what else to say. I'm so happy. He's so sweet. He's so sweet. I'm so happy. I don't know what else to say. What is your favorite thing about being a mom? There are so many things. I could go on
Katherine Harris May 25 2020 11:51
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Marion Spencer-Scott May 25 2020 11:52
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Dr. Abigail Harding May 25 2020 11:56
Photo Credit: Ben Lauderdale / Shutterstock.com What is this? This is a simple web application to store all the numbers from a card in one place
Dr. Damien Smith May 25 2020 11:57
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stacey58 May 25 2020 12:01
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jreed May 25 2020 12:02
It was the most important election in the past century. It was also the most expensive, with many billions spent on advertising and other political game-playing. And it was a race for the White House, with the leaders of the two major parties locked in a race for second place. When Donald Trump won the New York primary on Tuesday, many observers saw him as having won the Republican nomination
Leon Brown May 25 2020 12:06
Which of the following best describes your current situation? What is the difference between a local and national holiday? What is the difference between a national holiday and a local holiday? Have you ever been affected by a bank holiday or school holiday? Have you ever been affected by a bank holiday or school holiday? What do you think about bank holidays? What do you think about school holidays? Have you ever been
Gareth Nixon May 25 2020 12:07
"It's a pretty cute dress," he said. The name of the game in the NFL is simple: Run the ball. Unfortunately for the Patriots, this season has been a curse for Tom Brady. And the quarterback's inability to take care of the football has been a major reason why the Patriots are as far from a Super Bowl as they can be at this point
Guy Smith May 25 2020 12:11
Man sentenced to life in prison for murder of porn star Updated A man has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a porn star in the US. South Carolina-born Randall Wayne "Red" Phillips was found guilty of murdering the 50-year-old actress, who was found dead in a pool of blood in her home on New Year's Eve in 2013
Sheila Baxter May 25 2020 12:12
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bdavey May 25 2020 12:16
Image credit: Vogue/Getty Images A lot of us are getting a bit tired of it. For one thing, we're freaking out about our own children. For another, we're wondering what's real and what's fake
Ian West May 25 2020 12:17
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Elizabeth Tomlinson May 25 2020 12:21
"It's just a start, I think. But there should be an acknowledgement that we have to do better," she said. "Part of me feels like we should have done something like this at the start of the financial year, or even back in 2011, when we set up a committee on the Bank Holiday. "But I think it's good that we're doing something at this stage. It's a start
Heather Parry-Reynolds May 25 2020 12:22
[polldaddy poll=9138415] I'm a big fan of this website and will continue to be so. However, I am not a fan of the way this site was headed and I will not support the new way the site is going. I'm sorry for the inconvenience
Danny Kirby-Ahmed May 25 2020 12:26
Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for all the latest news and transfers. The, or "Pony" as it is known, was a 4-wheeled vehicle that many ponies used to travel. It was seen in several episodes, most notably in "It Isn't Easy Being Breezies". Contents show] Description In a flashback, the Pony is seen driving a white car
brandongriffiths May 25 2020 12:27
Images courtesy of b&q A series of tweets from the presidential campaign of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday showed him telling a female reporter to "be quiet" in a heated exchange that followed a news conference ahead of the first presidential debate on Thursday. The exchange, which pitted Trump from his podium against a reporter from CNN, was caught on audio
smithsally May 25 2020 12:31
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Dr. Victoria Palmer May 25 2020 12:36
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