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  • Here’s everything you honestly need to know about Luke Bracey, who plays Jackson in new Netflix film Holidate.

Here’s everything you honestly need to know about Luke Bracey, who plays Jackson in new Netflix film Holidate.


It's that time of year where Netflix starts dishing out slightly festive films which we all sit, watch and obsess over – despite the plots being painfully thin. One of those is Holidate, a so-trashy-it's-good rom com about two people who don't want commitment (classic) but would quite like someone to bring to festive events as their date – hence "holidating". Let's not lie to ourselves here, the best part of this movie is Luke Bracey. Luke Bracey is Jackson, one half of the holidate setup. He's tall, blonde, and quite simply dreamy.

Here's everything you honestly need to know about Luke Bracey, who plays Jackson in new Netflix film Holidate. Luke Bracey is an Australian actor, born in Sydney Luke Bracey was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He's 31 years old and was born on 26th April 1989. He studied in Sydney, graduating from Scotts College in 2007 before starting his acting career in 2009. Bracey had originally wanted to become a professional rugby player, or pursue a career in construction, but his first TV audition is said to have "changed the course of his life". He has since moved to LA to continue his acting career. Luke Bracey started his career with a role in Home and Away Bracey's first role was in the TV soap Home and Away in 2009, playing Trey. He was the school villain, and left the show after his character was arrested for attempted murder. He's since had TV roles in Dance Academy and Little Flies Everywhere. His film roles include starring as Riley in Monte Carlo (2011), Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) and Smitty in Hackshaw Ridge (2016). In a piece by The Daily Mail, Luke Bracey was called "Hollywood's hottest new hunk" and tbh, where is the lie? The article read: "Luke Bracey, 31, is undoubtedly on the precipice of massive Hollywood stardom thanks to his dashing good looks and ability to hold his own against some of the industry's leading names." His latest role is in Netflix film Holidate, where he plays Jackson. Jackson meets Sloane (Emma Roberts) and the pair begin "holidating" where they date solely around holiday seasons – basically so they have someone to bring to events and their families get off their backs about being alone. I'll just be spending the day watching #Holidate on Netflix for the plot. The plot: pic.twitter.com/lsEqyeyvkg — Hayley✨ (@hayleysoen) October 28, 2020 He's six foot, just saying Quick fact: Luke Bracey's height is 1.83 meters, so he's exactly six foot, in case you're wondering. Ok, so does Luke Bracey have a girlfriend or a wife or? You're probably just asking for a friend, but nonetheless you might be interested in Luke Bracey's current relationship status. It ~looks~ like he's single, but he's never really gone public as dating someone. He was rumoured to be dating Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez when they were spotted kissing in 2019 – but they never confirmed anything. In 2015 he briefly dated Dianna Agron from Glee. Maybe he's holidating? Who knows. He has a net worth of around £2.3million!!! Luke reportedly has a net worth of $3million (£2.3million) as a result of his TV and film acting, as well as modelling jobs. He has 171k followers on Instagram, but unfortunately isn't very active Luke Bracey's Instagram account is verified and he has 171k followers. However, he only has 15 posts and they're all just advertising his acting projects and when he modelled for Ralph Lauren. His Twitter is pretty much the same. Holidate is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. Related stories recommended by this writer: • Meet the cast of Netflix film 'Holidate' and where you recognise them from • What is a 'holidate'? The dating trend you need to get to know ASAP • 'Stay Close' is the new psychological Netflix series from the creator of The Stranger

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