18 August 2020 22:38

Here’s our Mortal Shell guide on how to find the upgrades and weapon skills for the Martyr’s Blade.

When you first start Mortal Shell, you only have access to one weapon: the Hallowed Sword. A two-handed sword, it's rather balanced with decent damage and reach. But as you progress further into Mortal Shell you might want something that's a little bit more to your taste. And so you'll be happy to hear that there are a further three weapons for you to find. To unlock new weapons in Mortal Shell, you first need to find them.

Luckily for you, they're located in the starting area of each of the three temples you need to find to complete the game. The Martyr's Blade can be found in the Abandoned Chamber, the Hammer and Chisel in the Eternal Narthex, and the Smoldering Mace in the Temple Grounds. Advertisement Upon entering those areas, you'll find a statue holding the respective weapon at the side of a book on a stand. Recite the pages from the book and you'll be taken to a fight against Hadern. Defeat Hadern, who will be using the weapon you're set to receive, and you'll be able to remove the weapon from the statue.

You can then use it to progress through the temple if you wish, or switch back to the weapon you were using. To switch between weapons freely without using a statue, you need to obtain the corresponding item upon completing a temple. Upon leaving a location such as the Abandoned Chamber or the Eternal Narthex after completing its boss, you'll notice the statue-like chest outside glowing orange. That means you can open it. Inside you'll find an item such as the Martyr's Shawl or the Sester's Binding, which allows you to instantly summon the corresponding weapon to your hands. You can even assign them to your quick use slots for easy access. Your equipped weapon can also be changed on the second floor of the tower back in Fallgrim. Be aware that each weapon needs to be upgraded separately, so it's best to find the weapon that suits your playstyle the most before using all of your Quenching Acids. There are other items you can find to upgrade your weapons, too, unlocking special abilities that require resolve. More Mortal Shell Guides The Martyr's Blade combines beauty and power — and this claymore will freeze enemies in their tracks. Here's our Mortal Shell guide on how to find the upgrades and weapon skills for the Martyr's Blade. Note: For more information, check out our Mortal Shell guides and features hub. Mortal Shell: Martyr's Blade skills and upgrades To obtain the Martyr's Blade weapon in Mortal Shell, you must first reach the Crypt of Martyrs zone. You can refer to our exploration guide for more info. Once you're there, interact with the book next to Sester Genessa to fight Hadern. I find this version of the miniboss a little hard to get used to due to the attack speed and reach of the Martyr's Blade. After defeating Hadern, you'll get your new weapon. Petrified Winterglass upgrade This one is found early on in the level. Once you reach the larger room (with the two Gollums and the Stabby McStabbington), look to your right. The tunnel takes you to burial chamber where you'll find the upgrade material. Weapon skill #1: Frozen Touch This weapon skill coats the Martyr's Blade in ice. Your heavy attacks will then cause shards of ice to shatter whenever your weapon connects. Solemn Offering As mentioned in our beginner's guide, you can find three Solemn Offerings in Mortal Shell. Each one will boost the healing effect of an empowered riposte and the effects are applied to all weapons. Anyway, the Solemn Offering in the Crypt of Martyrs can be found after you kill the Enslaved Grisha miniboss. There's a very important reminder here: if you drop down to the Enslaved Grisha's area, you won't be able to get back up until the level's boss has been defeated. In any case, killing Enslaved Grisha lets you progress deeper into the zone. The next section will have Sester Genessa and a chest that contains the Solemn Offering. Radiant Winterglass Run past Sester Genessa and you'll reach an open area with an ice bridge that you need to cross. You'll then see an opening with a winding staircase leading down. Once you reach the bottom, you'll spot a small room that has a centurion mob — there are also two McStabbingtons that will ambush you here. After killing them, pick up the Radiant Winterglass upgrade. Weapon skill #2: Winter's Chill This flashy weapon skill causes an eruption of icicles that will freeze mobs caught within its radius. It's akin to the ability used by Tarsus the First Martyr. Mortal Shell is available via the Epic Games Store. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.