30 October 2020 18:31

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Hot Fuzz stars Nick Frost and Simon Pegg joining forces in a Ghostbuster style comedy sounds like a recipe for success. Read more: Simon Pegg's Truth Seekers: release date and cast for the new Amazon Prime series Samson Kayo as Elton, Nick Frost as Gus Roberts, Emma D'Arcy as Astrid in Truth Seekers (Credit: Amazon Prime) Gus's boss Dave (Simon Pegg) pairs him up with a young engineer called Elton (Samson Kayo). Truth Seekers has been marketed as a series for the Halloween season. Samson Kayo plays Elton (Credit: Amazon Prime) -The full series of Truth Seekers is now out on Amazon Prime. Let's start by getting one thing straight: Truth Seekers may be the sort of bland filler programme only Amazon could justify spending money on.

It's more than a little unfair to compare an eight-part series filmed for a streaming platform in 2020 with a Bafta-nominated cult zom-com from 2004, and so, for a sense of propriety, here's the premise: Frost's character, a call-out broadband engineer named Gus Roberts, enters people's houses disguised as a broadband engineer (interestingly and on a totally unrelated note, this is a thing the NSA actually does in America to spy on their enemies) to investigate paranormal goings-on (less likely for the NSA, that bit), and films the whole thing for his YouTube channel. Not to insert Edgar Wright into everything Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have done – they are, of course, both excellent actors in their own right – but when you're comparing against Shaun Of The Dead, he is the blood-spattered elephant in the room. Without him, Frost and Pegg can be as charming as they like, but Truth Seekers still just feels deeply lacking, like it's going through the motions of comedy-horror. At one point in the first episode, an apologetic old woman sends up the painfully good manners that the elderly feel compelled to perform in front of tradesmen: "You must think me so rude – I haven't even offered you a cup of tea, a roast, or a bath." But really, as great as any Cornetto Trilogy fan would wish Truth Seekers to be, it's too laboured. The first season of comedy horror Truth Seekers followed Smile broadband installer Gus (Nick Frost) and his new assistant Elton (Samson Kayo) in their company van as they explored paranormal happenings in the English countryside. Luckily, with the help of Gus's father-in-law Richard (Malcolm McDowell), Elton's sister Helen (Susan Wokoma), ghostly Astrid (Emma D'Arcy) and Gus and Elton's boss Dave (Simon Pegg), they foiled Toynbee's plan but lost Astrid in the process, and the season ended with them all determined to bring her back. With the final scene revelation that Dave and the mysterious Jojo74 (Kelly Macdonald) may be more than they appear, the door has been left open for a possible second season, featuring more of the Truth Seekers' otherworldly adventures. Amazon Prime Video has yet to confirm whether a second season will go ahead, but during an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, both Nick Frost (who also co-produced the show) and Samson Kayo confirmed they would be happy to return. "I'd love to so another season, that would be great," Kayo told us, and Frost agreed, "I'd love to see where it goes and I'd love to have the chance to eat more biscuits in the van with Samson." While we wait for news on when the Truth Seekers could be back, here's everything you need to know. Truth Seekers season 2 release date: When will more episodes come to Amazon Prime? With COVID-19 delaying everyone's schedules, it could be quite a while before a second season of Truth Seekers even starts filming, especially as the cast are all busy with other projects at the moment. Susan Wokoma exclusively told Digital Spy that she is hoping to start working on a second season of Year of the Rabbit soon, which was originally due to begin production in April before being delayed by the pandemic. And Samson Kayo is busy filming the comedy series Bloods (that he created) that reunites him with Truth Seekers' Julian Barratt. Truth Seekers on Amazon Prime Video Nick Frost's current project is Joss Whedon's new series The Nevers, the story of a group of supernaturally gifted Victorian women who save the world, and after that he's working on an upcoming comedy horror "set on a remote Swedish island" (as told to iNews). Running until November 18, the Truth Seekers Remote Adventure is a free, live 45-minute game featuring puzzles connected to the series. Truth Seekers season 2 cast: Who will be in it? The final episode of season one hints at more ghostly adventures for Gus, Helen and Samson, and secrets to be revealed about Dave and Jojo74, so Nick Frost, Susan Wokoma, Samson Kayo, Simon Pegg and Kelly Macdonald would all need to return to resolve the first season's cliffhangers. Nick Frost (Gus Roberts), Samson Kayo (Elton John), Emma D'Arcy (Astrid), Malcolm McDowell (Richard), Susan Wokoma (Helen), Simon Pegg (Dave), Taj Atwal (Elara), Julian Barratt (Peter Toynbee), Kelly Macdonald (Jojo74), Rosalie Craig (Emily). Truth Seekers season 2 plot: What will happen? Episode eight of the first season leaves lots of loose ends for the Truth Seekers team to tie up in a potential second season, as Samson Kayo confirmed in an interview with The Observer. With Kayo's character Elton discovering he is a conduit between the living and the dead, he can now help ghosts move on to the afterlife, so a second season could involve him and Gus, along with hilarious double act Helen and Richard, travelling the country in their van as amateur ghostbusters, installing Smile's broadband as they go. The final moment of the series showed that Astrid has now magically morphed into a painting above Dave's desk – which means she may be able to see and hear all that goes on in his office, including a visit from Jojo74 – who we're thinking is likely to be a major player in future seasons. Truth Seekers season 2 trailer: When will it land? Sadly, with no filming for season two planned as yet, don't expect any new footage for quite some time.