07 January 2020 02:36

Hollyoaks Later Mercedes McQueen Moya Brady

Get ready, because Hollyoaks Later is back tonight. The post-watershed bonanza will be a dramatic one, as Breda's reign of terror looks set to tumble down. But who else will she bring down with her, and what time does it all kick off? When is Hollyoaks Later on and how long is it? Hollyoaks Later kicks off on E4 this evening, Monday 6 January, at 9pm.

You can catch up again tomorrow at 11pm on Channel 4. Unlike the normal five-episode format, there will only be one hour-long episode this time around. Who dies in Hollyoaks Later? While it's not yet known who will die, if tonight's episode follows the same pattern as previous Later segments, then it's likely at least one person will be in the firing line. John Paul's suspicions will lead him to Breda's box of possessions which she'll use to frame Mercedes.

This intel will leave both him and Mercedes vulnerable, if Breda gets to them before they get to the police. Breda will head to the pig farm armed with a pitchfork, but it's not yet clear who will face her wrath. The recent trailer showed the farm engulfed in flames, so it's also possible that Sylver or Goldie could find themselves trapped. Then of course, there's the question of Breda – will she die, or will she manage to slip away? Actress Moya Brady told Metro.co.uk that she hopes Breda escapes justice – just to add a unique plot twist. She said: 'I'd like to think she was still out in the world, causing mayhem and being a dangerous old lady. You don't see many dangerous old ladies, just men don't you? I don't think she should have been punished. But I understand for that kind of character, viewers need that pay off.' Tune in tonight to find out. MORE: Hollyoaks spoilers: Eva O'Hara reveals all on Tony's sister Verity Hutchinson MORE: Hollyoaks spoilers: Edward Hutchinson is capable of murder warns Joe McGann SERIAL killer Breda McQueen was finally murdered in last night's episode of Hollyoaks Later - with her own son Sylver the one to bump her off. Viewers were horrified when the evil character was stabbed in the head with a pair of knitting needles, bringing her reign of terror to an end. 4 Breda was stabbed in the head with a pair of knitting needles After Breda framed Mercedes McQueen for the murder of several villagers, Sylver managed the fatal attack as she attempted to kill him, Mercedes, and Tony Hutchinson. Sylver and his sister Goldie vowed to stop their mother after learning her dark secrets - and were left horrified when she turned on her own son. She then set fire to the place in a bid to finish the job, with Goldie and Mercedes able to get lifeless Tony - who Breda had been holding hostage in the pig farm - out just before the fire would have killed him. Mercedes then ran back into the burning building to rescue ex-husband Sylver, but Breda stabbed her with shards of glass - thankfully, Sylver managing to lunge at his mum with the needles to save her. 4 Sylver was the one to end his mum's reign of terror Credit: Lime Pictures 4 Breda had tried to kill Sylver, Mercedes, and Tony Gory scenes saw Breda with the two sticks coming out of her head, with blood seeping from her eyes as she died. Sylver collapsed to the floor after apologising for what he had done, clearly riddled with guilt by the attack. Thankfully, the surviving women managed to drag him outside just before the home exploded. 4 Mercedes fought to rescue Sylver Credit: LIMEPICTURES Hollyoaks shock as police arrest Mercedes McQueen for FIVE murders while serial killer Breda looks on Most Read In TV & Showbiz HOLLY-DAY DONE Holly Willoughby and husband spotted landing back home after festive break WATER BABY Stacey Solomon beams in a bikini as she shares a bath with Rex HELLO! Adele shows off weight loss on beach during holiday with Harry Styles WINTER LOVIN' Winter Love Island line-up revealed including sexy twins & Lewis Capaldi's ex GOING GLOBAL Nicole Scherzinger & Thom Evans make red carpet debut at Golden Globes party HAIR-MARE Kerry Katona distraught after son puts superglue in both her daughters' hair A teaser for tonight's episode of the soap has revealed that while Tony managed to escape Breda by the skin of his teeth, his troubles are far from over - with evil dad Edward unhappy with his son's shock return to the village. Fans are aware that Tony had just professed his love to Tony's wife Diane, who he has been enjoying an illicit affair with. Hollyoaks continues tonight at 7pm on E4.