22 May 2020 10:31

Horizon: What’s The Matter With Tony Slattery?

tony slattery

Horizon: What's The Matter With Tony Slattery? BBC Two★★★★★ The Countdown lexicographer Susie Dent recently shared the word "crambazzled" to describe someone prematurely aged due to drinking. Tony Slattery is such a man. The Slattery who was ubiquitous on TV in the 1990s, before abruptly vanishing due to a breakdown — devilishly handsome, quick-witted, funny — has morphed into a grey, twitching, tortured bear of a man who is 60 but looks a decade older. He is also sweet, anxious, endearing and exhausted by his enslavement to alcohol.

Tony Slattery (seated) with his partner Mark Hutchinson at home NOELLE VAUGHN/SUNDOG PICTURES/BBC What's the Matter With Tony Slattery? could be a tragic two-handed play about the savagery of mental illness, addiction and childhood rape by a perverted priest. But it would also be a play about unconditional love.


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