25 March 2020 10:34

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Stuart Gordon, Director of Iconic Horror Re-Animator, From Beyond, Dies at 72

Cult horror filmmaker Stuart Gordon has passed away at 72. The American filmmaker was also a Theatre Director, Screenwriter and founder of the Organic Theater Company. Gordon is best known for From Beyond, a 1986 cult horror classic film, and Re-Animator, which released in 1985. A surprising fact; Honey, I Shrunk the Kids was sits comfortably on Stuart's list of franchise successes after he co-created the films leading him to produce the second instalment and direct an episode of the television spin-off. More recently, the Fortress creator became extremely active in Los Angeles theatre, with him directing the show Nevermore…An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, three daughters, four grandchildren and his brother, David George Gordon.

A sad day for horror fans as the King of Lovecraftian Horror, director Stuart Gordon, has passed away. The iconic horror filmmaker who gave us such cult classics as Re-Animator, From Beyond, Dagon, Castle Freak, The Pit and the Pendulum, Dolls and many more, was 72 years old. P. Lovecraft, Gordon adapted several Lovecraft stories for the screen which includes Re-Animator, From Beyond, Castle Freak (from The Outsider), and Dagon, as well an episode of Mick Garris' Masters of Horror, "Dreams in the Witch-House". In November, Fangoria announced that they will be releasing Stuart Gordon's biography Naked Theater and Uncensored Horror in 2020. The memoir takes readers through the beginning Gordon's career with his controversial 1968 play to the creation of the Organic Theater Company in Madison Wisconsin, and all the way through each of his two dozen plus films.

A view of Gordon's remarkable career, and will further illuminate his unique ways of thinking, writing, and shooting. A true staple of 80s horror and beyond, Stuart Gordon's storytelling has been a constant gift to genre fans. Friends, fellow filmmakers, and stars of Gordon's films have been giving their tributes to the storyteller via social media. Stuart Gordon, co-writer of the classic film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and filmmaker behind the cult classic Re-Animator passed away on Tuesday evening. The sad news was confirmed to Variety by his family, but a cause of death was not immediately given.

He is survived by Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, his wife of nearly 52 years, daughters Suzanna, Jillian, and Margert Gordon, and four grandchildren. Born on August 11, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois, Gordon graduated from Lane Technical High School before studying at the University of Wisconsin in Madison where he majored in theatre. However, the budding filmmaker dropped out and moved back to Chicago to start the Organic Theater with his wife Carolyn, which was wildly successful. They're largely credited from jumpstarting the career of playwright David Mamet after performing the world premiere of "Sexual Perversity in Chicago." I think that the two are life and death." RIP, Stuart Gordon. pic.twitter.com/FDVjqm6f3w — Raven Banner (@RavenBanner) March 25, 2020 The Organic Theater group's improv comedy show, "Bleacher Bums," ran on stage for 10 years, and was later turned into a TV movie by Norman Lear – a move which kicked off Gordon's transition from theatre to film.

He teamed up with Brian Yuzna and Charles Band to start Empire Pictures, and in 1985, they produced the cult classic Re-Animator based on H.P. Lovecraft's story, which Gordon both wrote and directed. RIP to Stuart Gordon, one of few directors that nailed the Lovecraft-to-film transition not once but TWICE pic.twitter.com/FopXBcfYX7 — peter pepperoni (@retorgeson) March 25, 2020 Widely regarded as the King B-movies, that title is earned from directing movies such as From Beyond 1986, followed by 1987's Dolls, 1993's Body Snatchers, and Castle Freak in 1995. With the addition of Dagon, and the "Dreams In The Witch House" episode on Showtime's Masters of Horror, Gordon will be largely remembered as one of the best filmmakers to bring Lovecraft's stories to the screen. In a 2014 interview, Gordon said of the iconic horror fiction writer, "He's incredibly imaginative But also, he's primarily a science fiction writer. Gordon Was Supposed To Direct 'Honey, I Shrunk The Kids,' Which Was Originally Titled 'Teenie Weenies' Stuart Gordon had a damn good career.

Imagine making Re-Animator and then writing Honey I Shrunk The Kids? pic.twitter.com/PrfFzfvJz3 — DänielNöthing (@DanielNothing) March 25, 2020 While the film starring Rick Moranis was ultimately directed by Joe Johnston, Gordon told Film Threat in 2003, "Originally I was going to direct it. "I was happy with it," Gordon said of the finished film. "I think Joe Johnston, who ended up directing it, did a good job." In 1989, he co-created the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids film story with Yuzna and Ed Naha. He's also credited for Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, and Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves! before creating the TV series version of the original Disney movie, which aired from 1997 to 2000. As for the movie originally being called Teenie Weenies, Naha explained the title was inspired by a kid's comic strip. "When I was a kid on the East Coast," Naha continued, "there was a comic strip in the Sunday edition of The New York Daily News called the 'Teenie-Weenies.' It was one huge frame showing little people riding around on mice or sitting in thimbles and I just loved that." Gordon's Wife Carolyn Appeared In Many Of His Films Stuart Gordon was one of our favorite filmmakers and frequent guests. Seen here at FROM BEYOND with his wife, actress Carolyn Purdy-Gordon. pic.twitter.com/IvNeXCm6Kv — Friday Night Frights (@FriNightFrights) March 25, 2020 While still in college, she starred as a nude dancer in Gordon's controversial student play version of Peter Pan, which caused him to arrested for obscenity. She appeared as Rose in Norman Lear's Bleacher Bums, the TV series E/R, and most of Gordon's films including Re-Animator, Robot Jox, The Pit and The Pendulum, Space Truckers, and more. Tributes To The Horror Filmmaker Filled Social Media Following News of Gordon's Death Sorry to hear about the great Stuart Gordon passing. Along with his storied career in theatre and independent film, he is in the horror hall of hame forever for films like 'From Beyond' & the outrageous gem that is 'Re-Animator'. pic.twitter.com/Uv56Bc4Isd — edgarwright (@edgarwright) March 25, 2020 The news of Gordon's passing was difficult for his fans, friends and fellow filmmakers, all of whom shared beautiful tributes online late on Tuesday evening. Point Blank director Joe Lynch tweeted, Stuart Gordon was a massive influence on so many of us, myself included. Extremely saddened by the passing of Stuart Gordon: a gentle and unique soul, and I'm proud to say, a friend. pic.twitter.com/FsTnHqFsV4 — Axelle Carolyn (@AxelleCarolyn) March 25, 2020 So sad to have heard today Stuart Gordon passed. Here's a pic I took of him back in 2004 in the Masters of Horror editorial suite. pic.twitter.com/pSE0ZAS4vB — Mike Williamson (@WilliamsonMike_) March 25, 2020 Los Angeles Times reporter Jan Yamato tweeted, "I'm so sorry to hear of Stuart Gordon's passing. He was a great storyteller and a very kind man who went out of his way to mentor a number of younger filmmakers who absolutely adored him." Rest in peace, Stuart Gordon. Thank you for some of my favorite movies in my most formative cinematic years. pic.twitter.com/zkLI1NKpRo — Jonathan Barkan (@JonathanBarkan) March 25, 2020 A sad day for horror fans as legendary director Stuart Gordon passed away. The iconic horror filmmaker who gave us cult classics like Re-Animator, From Beyond, Dagon, Castle monster, The well and the pendulum, dolls and many more, he was 72 years old. Stuart Gordon has a diverse body of work not only in the horror genre, but also in science fiction and on stage. P. Lovecraft, Gordon adapted several Lovecraft stories for the screen including Reanimator, From beyond, Castle monster (since The foreigner) Y Dagonas well as an episode of Mick Garris Masters of horror, "Dreams in the witches' house". A true staple of horror from the '80s and beyond, Stuart Gordon's storytelling was a gift. Friends, fellow filmmakers, and stars of Gordon's movies have been paying tribute to the narrator through social media. American filmmaker Stuart Gordon, best known for directing classics like "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond," died Tuesday night aged 72. He was also the co-writer of the landmark science fiction "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." His family confirmed his passing to Variety but didn't give the cause of death. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, 52, daughters Suzanna, Jillian, and Margert Gordon, and four grandchildren. In addition to his seminal work in independent horror, Gordon co-founded the Organic Theatre Company with his wife. Gordon was born on Aug. 11, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois. He went on to pursue his majors in theatre at the University of Wisconsin in Madison after graduating from Lane Technical High School. He dropped out early and shifted base back in Chicago to start the theatre, which helped David Mamet to successfully jumpstart his career by performing the world premiere of "Sexual Perversity in Chicago." The theater also premiered "Bleacher Bums," starring Dennis Franz and Joe Mantegna. Gordon was active in L.A theatre recently, where his solo show "Nevermore…An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe" turned out a success.