15 May 2020 18:35

Hot Chip have remixed Iceland's Eurovision hero Daði Freyr.

eurovision song contest 2020

Hot Chip have remixed Iceland's Eurovision hero Daði Freyr. The Icelandic artist entered Eurovision earlier this year, earning the right to represent his country with the stone cold banger 'Think About Things'. A frisky piece of alt-pop with a synth driven arrangement, it became a viral phenomenon, racking up several million streams. Eurovision was sadly cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19, with Daði Freyr ahead at the bookie's polls. Due to take place tomorrow - May 16th - he's shared a brand new remix instead, from English heroes Hot Chip.

Daði comments... "Hot Chip has had a huge influence on me as an artist. I became a superfan when they released 'One Life Stand' in 2010. They are one of the few bands I have listened to consistently for a decade." "Getting Hot Chip to remix my song was a dream that I didn't ever see becoming a possibility until a few weeks ago. Right now I have three tattoos in mind that I know I'm going to get and one of those is a Hot Chip one (I only have two tattoos, I really put a lot of thought into each one). The remix is awesome! It's so surreal to hear their sound on my song." Tune in now. Eurovision will be covered by BBC One tomorrow night (May 16th). Join us on the ad-free creative social network Vero, as we get under the skin of global cultural happenings. Follow Clash Magazine as we skip merrily between clubs, concerts, interviews and photo shoots. Get backstage sneak peeks, exclusive content and access to Clash Live events and a true view into our world as the fun and games unfold. The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the many unfortunately casualties of the coronavirus pandemic. This year's competition has been cancelled and replaced with a kind of supermarket substitute, Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light, which will air in place of the grand final and highlight the 41 songs which would have battled for the crown in Rotterdam. Sorry, there seem to be some issues. Please try again later. i's TV newsletter: what you should watch next One of those songs did not even need the publicity of the finals to capture the imagination, however. Iceland's entry, 'Think About Things' by Daði & Gagnamagnið, has already become something of an internet sensation, particularly on TikTok. Who are Daði & Gagnamagnið? Daði Freyr Pétursson is an Icelandic musician who lives in Berlin, and Gagnamagnið are the band who accompany him. The 27-year-old goes by either Daði or Daði Freyr, and was little known before making his bid to represent Iceland at Eurovision. 'Think Abut Things' lyrics Baby I can't wait to knowBelieve me I'll always be there so Though I know I love youI find it hard to see how you feel about me'Cause I don't understand youOh you are yet to learn how to speak When we first metI will never forget'Cause even though I didn't know you yetWe were bound together then and foreverAnd I could never let you go When we are togetherThere isn't anywhere that I would rather beThree birds of a featherI just hope you enjoy our company It's been some timeAnd though hard to define,As if the stars have started to alignWe are bound together,Now and foreverAnd I will never let you go I might even know what to sayBut either way at least I'll be there Baby I can't wait to knowWhat do you think about thingsBelieve me I will always be there soYou can tell me anything and I'll listen

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