25 November 2019 16:35

Hot Chocolate Bombs Drink Marshmallow

hot chocolate bombs

PEOPLE are going wild for golden hot chocolate balls which makes your drink in seconds – and they even come with marshmallows hidden inside. The shimmering orbs are popped into a mug and once hot milk is poured over them, they melt to reveal their sweet treats inside – as well as instantly making a tasty drink. 8 All you need to do is pour hot milk on the bombe The bombs come in a range of flavours, including dark, milk and white chocolate, as well as mint, orange, caramac and Baileys. They start from just £1.50, with luxury, vegan and boozy ones costing £2.50. They're sold by bakery Wildflower Cakes, who posted a clip of their creation to Facebook – where it's since been viewed more than one million times.

People are going mad for gold dusted hot choc bombs that make your drink in seconds – and it’s even got marshmallows

The bakery, based in Leicestershire, said: "These were a great success!! 8 The orbs come in a range of flavours including Baileys and orange "Working on a selection of flavours including adult and vegan options. "Available over the Christmas period, individually or part of our 'build your own hamper'. "Great for Christmas Eve boxes!!" More than 18,000 people have commented on the post, desperate to try one of the bombs. 8 Tasty marshmallows are hidden inside the golden ball One person said: "This is how it's done." Another wrote: "This makes me so happy." A third said: "These would make nice stocking fillers." Someone else added: "Gonna have to get one." 8 More than one million people have watched a video of the hot chocolate balls While this person said: "Might have to rethink the hot chocolate sticks. These look epic." People are frantically trying to get their hands on a bomb, with the bakers setting up a website to process orders due to "phenomenal demand". For anyone eyeing them up as a gift, each bomb comes individually wrapped with twine or ribbon, and is presented in a festive box. MOST READ IN FABULOUS SLEEPOVER CLUB Pyjama subscription service delivers toasty new PJs to your door every month Exclusive SHREDDING DAY Scots bride has wedding dress CUT IN HALF so she can dance to GBX at party BABY FEARS Glasgow mum-to-be 'preparing for worst' for unborn baby after botched tummy tuck Exclusive SICK REVENGE I dumped my man when he made sex calls to my mates…so he beat me for 18 hours GIVE A DAMP How drying your clothes inside risks deadly asthma attacks from mould spores PRICKLY STUFF Mums say putting your Christmas tree up before December means you're 'tacky' Meanwhile shoppers are comparing Aldi's new festive candles to Yankee's expensive versions. And parents are raving about 3D felt Christmas tree which they say keeps kids entertained for hours. Plus this mum decided to make her own wreath as well - in the shape of a heart.

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