26 August 2020 02:41

Hubie Halloween

The Netflix film takes place in Salem, which is known for being a popular Halloween hotspot due to its rich history. So, it's no surprise that the movie was filmed in the small New England community. However, according to numerous Massachusetts outlets, Hubie Halloween was not filmed during the month of October, but rather in the summer. Therefore, the ghoulish decorations were put up for filming purposes in July. The executive director for Destination Salem, Kate Fox, told Boston.com that the town was happy to be hosting another movie set.

Most notably, the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus was filmed on-location in the '90s. "We have a lot of films that use Salem to double for another location," she said. "The last time we had a film set in Salem of this nature was Hocus Pocus and people still come here to visit because of that movie. So I'm excited to see Hubie Halloween get made, and see what it does." Just in time for trick or treating season, Adam Sandler may be back once again on Netflix with a new movie called Hubie Halloween. With the coronavirus pandemic postponing or canceling many regular activities, plenty of viewers are ready to enjoy some entertainment for the upcoming holiday.

Here's what is known so far about the new Hubie Halloween movie, including cast, plot, and potential release date. Sign up for our Movie newsletter! Adam Sandler leads big Hubie Halloween cast Former Saturday Night Live alum Adam Sandler has become a regular in terms of Netflix appearances. His upcoming Hubie Halloween will be his sixth on the streaming giant. Sandler's previous Netflix films included 2019's Murder Mystery, 2016's The Do-Over, and 2015's The Ridiculous 6. He's a co-producer for the new Halloween project alongside Allen Covert. Sandler also leads an ensemble cast, playing the part of lead character Hubie DuBois. Peyton List is the only other IMDB cast member with a character name as she plays Peggy. By ensemble cast, that means a lot of other familiar faces are going to be in the Netflix film. They'll include Sandler's pals Kevin James, Rob Schneider, and David Spade. The only one MIA from the cast list from Grownups is Chris Rock, who may have been busy working on the new Fargo season. Speaking of SNL, there will be several cast members from the past and present seasons of the show. They include longtime current cast member Kenan Thompson, as well as Mikey Day, Melissa Villasenor, Maya Rudolph, and Tim Meadows. In addition, the film includes singer The Weeknd, Modern Family's Julie Bowen, Steve Buscemi, Michael Chiklis, Shaquille O'Neal, Colin Quinn, George Wallace, and Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things). Hubie Halloween plot details While Sandler had a serious turn in the recent Uncut Gems film, this movie is closer to Grownups or Netflix's Murder Mystery. Hubie Halloween is a comedy film, so it's more likely to bring screams of laughter rather than fright. The principal photography for Sandler's Hubie Halloween movie took place in July and August of 2019 in Salem, Massachusetts. That is a major part of the plot as the town is famous for the witch trials in the late 1600s. An Instagram account shared a few photos in July 2019, where they talked about how they were on the movie set. They indicated the production included real local businesses as vendors from the town for a Halloween market scene. The giant Jack-o-Lantern is also rumored to be featured at the center of the town's Halloween festival, per Halloween Daily News. In the film, Sandler plays Hubie DuBois, a community volunteer who is devoted to the legendary town of Salem and its Halloween celebration. He's generally mocked by kids and adults for being the way he is, but on the latest Halloween night, he finds himself at the center of a real murder case. Per Cinema Blend, the movie carries a PG-13 rating mostly due to scenes involving "suggestive content, language, and brief teen partying." When is the Hubie Halloween release date on Netflix? As of right now, the anticipated release date is October 2020, although it's possible Netflix could surprise with an earlier date. That said, there's no official Hubie Halloween release date or trailer yet for the streaming platform. We know filming wrapped up in 2019 in Salem, and there was a bit of additional work done in Los Angeles this past July. Based on IMDB's listing, the movie is completed, so it should only be a matter of time before Adam Sandler's new film arrives for viewers. Hubie Halloween release date is TBA on Netflix.