18 August 2020 00:45

I imagine the

nicola sturgeon

The Trial of Alex Salmond African Renaissance: When Art Meets Power BBC Four ★★★★☆ Kirsty Wark had to tread nimbly in The Trial of Alex Salmond. When the subject of one's documentary, which began filming during his court trial in March, is acquitted on all charges and declines to be interviewed (Salmond did not respond to requests) there is thinner gruel to work with, certainly beyond what we already knew. However, Wark persuaded three of the ten women who between them had accused Scotland's former first minister of 14 offences, ranging from indecent assault to attempted rape, to talk to her, albeit with actors speaking their words on camera and viewers knowing that the jury had believed Salmond. I imagine the

The Trial of Alex Salmond review — what does this tawdry saga say to women?

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