27 October 2019 10:32

I was like, ‘You don’t want ME to do a make-up range, I’m 47.’ It’s good time make-up.


We're getting the feeling this isn't going to be a conventional celeb chit-chat about beauty. We're on a sofa with Claudia Winkleman, who's jiggling with excitement while thrusting an eyeliner in our face. 'Let's imagine you're going out,' she says. 'I could come round your house and grade how good a night it's been by how much of this you've used.' 'Then NO - I don't think so. This is what happens when Britain's most adorably bonkers telly star has been let loose in a beauty lab and allowed to distil her unique style into a beauty range for Boots.

Strictly's Claudia Winkleman shoplifted lipstick from Boots but they let her off

In other words, lips like Tippex and more smudgy kohl than Alice Cooper with conjunctivitis. 'With make-up, I'm all or nothing,' she says, proudly. Today, we're getting the more polished version of Claudia, who's here to model her collection, called – appropriately enough – Full Panda. For all her self-deprecation about 'falling to bits', she looks just as glam as she does when she's hosting Strictly Come Dancing, her artfully smoked eyes peeking out from a shiny fringe. I couldn't believe it when Boots called. I was like, 'You don't want ME to do a make-up range, I'm 47.' It's good time make-up. The other thing I wanted was ease of life - I'm ancient and we're all busy, so nothing fiddly. (Image: DAVID VENNI) Did you spend your teenage years in Boots? Boots was my life! We used to go in after school, try stuff on and be like, 'Ooh, we're going to meet boys!' I felt so guilty I went home, told my mum and we got on the tube to take it back. I was like, 'I'm sorry, I'm just a schoolgirl.' I knew it was wrong and ever since then I've had a love affair with Boots. I'm patchy, crumbling, decrepit and I like it! You're famed for your wonky make-up, will you be upping your game now? Here's the beauty of it – it's only good news when 'full panda' goes wrong. If you're applying eyeliner on the bus and it jerks, then good. She's like, 'Mum!' (Image: Dave Benett/Getty Images for Vic) You claim you have better dreams from sleeping in your make-up, what's your best ever? What's your off-duty look like? When I'm not working my world is about eating pasta, licking the kids, all of the good things in life. A lovely girl comes to my house and sprays me like she's spraying a car. I pivot, I'm game. Do you do any DIY beauty treatments? But I shampoo and condition all the time with Head & Shoulders, I've got their new Supreme Purify & Volume range which I love. I'm not being funny but my hair looks pretty good at the moment doesn't it? It's only because of them. Do you have to hack your fringe back so it's presentable for Strictly? I'm like the kids with their rucksacks and stationary. My face like layers and layers of black eyeliner. (Image: WireImage) If I'm on holiday and I can sneak off for a massage, that's the best thing in the world. I like somebody to stand on me and jump. I don't want a tickle, I want that from my eight year old. What's your top beauty tip? I think the best thing for beauty, and for your head, is sleep. Have you ever heard anything like that in your life? You claim not to exercise, but you're looking very toned… I love you, I am not! I don't go to the gym, but you know what I do sometimes? Don't laugh, it's called Destination Walking. Not name-dropping, but Sara Cox told me about it and it's genius. (Image: BBC) Any secrets to looking glam on TV - Spanx and the like? Erm… sometimes I wear a bra, sometimes I don't. I'm quite forgetful. Truth is, when you're on telly, about 900 people have got you ready. It's not reality. Oh my goodness, I love everything about her. She is a magnificent creature. She is so beautiful, I love her hair, I love her face, she has the most extraordinary body, but if I could steal anything it would be her metabolism. (Image: BBC/Matt Holyoak) You're the cover girl for our beauty special, is ageing something you worry about? No, no, no, it's all falling off, but how brilliant. Do you think this is the best time of your life? I'm so obsessed, I went on a cruise literally to find people to play bridge with. My mum always says I was born aged 65, so each year I'm getting closer to where I am spiritually. Are there things you used to stress about that you don't now? Yes, how long have you got? I'm fully up for people watching me on telly going, 'She looks disgusting, her dress is awful, why is her voice so grating?' But I think in my 20s I wanted everyone to like me. 47 is magnificent. (Image: Dave Benett/Getty Images) If I didn't have a fringe I might be on my eighth face by now. The answer is, I don't know - I can't rule it out. Claudia picks a few faves from her new Boots range There are only two lip colours I love, one is Tippex and the other is bright red. LOOK - it's exactly that! They're geniuses at Boots. And the colours last forever, they're beautiful quality. I'm not mad about taking my make-up off, but if you have to - and I think it's wise occasionally - there's this kit. There's a make-up remover stick, you just put a bit on your face and wash it off. And if you've gone OUT out, there's a heavy-duty scrub stick to get it all off. There's the best mascara wand at one end and one for eyebrows at the other. I'm slightly obsessed with my eyebrows, even though nobody has ever seen them apart from me. I like to know they're quietly groomed under my fringe. It's like wearing good underwear just in case the bus runs you over. Full Panda by Claudia Winkleman launches 4 Nov in selected Boots stores and on Boots.com.