18 September 2020 10:39

If you suspect it, report it.

north yorkshire police

Young people and drugs – where to get help This page provides useful information for young people, parents and carers about drug use and how to get help and support. Personal safety Our advice to keep you and your belongings safe Road safety Advice on how to drive safely, whatever the conditions may be Safer online Protect yourself and your family whilst working and playing online Home security Take security measures to protect your home and possessions Safer business Crime reduction measures to help protect your business and premises Fraud Protecting yourself, your friends, your family and business from fraudsters Safer countryside Keep safe whilst living in, travelling and visiting our rural areas Planning an event Who to contact to ensure your community event runs safely Sex worker safety Staying safe when you are working as a sex worker Keeping children safe Help us to protect the youngest in our society Hate Crime – it's not just offensive, it's an offence Information on hate crime and how to report it. Terrorism advice There is a serious and sustained threat from international terrorism to the UK and UK interests overseas. If you suspect it, report it.

Incident on Lawrence Street, York, 18 September - North Yorkshire Police

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