03 September 2020 06:42

If you’re playing the new tactical RPG, you might’ve encountered an issue with Wasteland 3 crashes on Xbox.

Wasteland 3 review for Xbox One, PS4, PC

The release of this new mission, "Money for the Vultures – Part 1", also coincides with a free update! The mission takes place well after the events of Desperados III, bringing Cooper and the gang back together to hunt down Vincent DeVitt's hidden riches. As well as the DLC release, there's also a free update available for all owners of Desperados III, adding another of Baron's epic challenges. Help them uncover a mysterious vault, avoid bloodthirsty looters, and find out if the enigmatic Rosie from Baton Rouge can really be trusted, or if she has her own interests in mind. It's the start of the "holiday season," the three month time span in which most of the biggest and highest profile games are released.

2020 will be slightly different—2020 itself, of course, is vastly different, in every way, from what has been our perceived normal for the last several decades, but within the limited precinct of the games world 2020 will be impacted not just by the global pandemic but by the fact that there are new consoles coming out. I have done absolutely no research into this whatsoever but it would stand to reason that, since the new PlayStation and Xbox won't be out until November, that some of the big games that plan on releasing for both current and next generation consoles won't be coming out until around then, either. So I'm going to operate under the assumption that September and October will be curiously light, compared to most years, and that November and maybe even early December will just be completely buried under so-called "AAA" games that had nine figure budgets and years and years of crunch pumped into them. Because hey, there's still a lot of really interesting looking games coming out this month—like these five below. Here are the five new games that we're most excited for in September.

Crusader Kings III is already out, so if you're looking for something to pour hundreds of hours of your quarantine downtime into, here's one option. Plagued by bad buzz for years, this big budget Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix is undergoing a bit of rehab thanks to some positive early reviews and demo impressions. Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC It does a perfectly fine job of updating the look and feel of the original two games for the modern world. It's hard to see how that game could be improved upon, so I'm simply looking to the sequel for change. Rooted in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, the first two Baldur's Gate games were developed by BioWare in the late '90s and 2000.

After a couple decades of corporate hot potato, the rights eventually landed with Larian Studios, the group behind the long-running Divinity series of RPGs. If you can't tell, I'm filling up this paragraph with historical info because, frankly, I don't know much at all about Baldur's Gate. I haven't played a Dungeons & Dragons computer or videogame since Eye of the Beholder like 27 years ago. Still, Baldur's Gate III makes this list (even though it's only in early access and not a "full" release) because of the formidable legacy of the series and the great track record of Larian Studios. Baldur's Gate 3 early access, delayed. Some of the most anticipated upcoming new video game releases have been pushed back.

The Wasteland series dates all the way back to 1988 and sits somewhere between cult and obscure. The third game in the series snuck onto PC, Xbox and PS4 with little notice last week. That said, it's part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription on both Xbox and PC, so it might attract an unexpected audience looking for something new to download and play. Having previously written admiringly of Fallout (yes, even Fallout 76), Divinity: Original Sin 2, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and the upcoming Baldur's Gate 3, I fully admit to having a soft spot for long, talky role-playing games with parties of colorful characters taking part in turn-based adventuring. That also means this isn't the most stunning-looking game you've ever seen, but that fits right in with the series' scrappy low-budget vibe (Wasteland 2 raised its development money on Kickstarter several years ago).

I honestly thought the post-apocalyptic vibe had played itself out a few years ago, and at least there are fewer zombie games, movies and TV shows around right now. The Fallout games have always played into this fascination, adding just enough humor to soften the edge. But in any case, it's slightly less depressing than playing some of the more somber recent post-apocalyptic games like The Last of Us Part 2 and Doom Eternal--I'd even argue the post-Mongol-invasion Ghost of Tsushima falls into that category. Would I shell out $60 (£50, AU$85) for Wasteland 3 as a standalone game? Probably not, though I enjoyed the previous games in the series and generally like turn-based RPGs. But, as part of the Xbox Games Pass--truly the PC gamer's secret weapon in 2020--it may find a broad new audience looking to take a break from our reality-based apocalypse and play around in a snowier one. Why is Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One? If you're playing the new tactical RPG, you might've encountered an issue with Wasteland 3 crashes on Xbox. Whether you bought the game outright or you're playing via Xbox Game Pass, there's a simple fix that probably wouldn't occur to you naturally. Here's all the info you need to implement a Wasteland 3 crashing fix for Xbox One. In order to fix Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One, you'll need to disable the game's autosave feature from the options menu. The Wasteland 3 crashing problem seems to affect players using the original Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles; those with the more powerful Xbox One X appear to be safe from the annoying issue. Due to this, many have speculated that the Wasteland 3 Xbox One crashing issue is due to the lower-end consoles not having enough horsepower. It's possible that the base Xbox One and Xbox One S struggle to juggle both of these tasks at the same time, which results in a game error that prompts a crash. How to fix Wasteland 3 crashing on Xbox One Boot up Wasteland 3 on your Xbox One. Navigate to the options menu and disable the autosave feature. As mentioned above, the one downside to fixing the Wasteland 3 crashing issue is the potential loss of progress if you forget to manual save. It's easy to do in a time when we're all used to the convenience of autosave functions, but do try to keep it in mind and avoid any further frustration. Hopefully, InXile Entertainment will release a patch fixing the issue in the future. If that time comes, it'll be safe to re-enable autosave in Wasteland 3 on Xbox One. Jisei: The First Case HD review for PS4, Xbox One,… A fun--if short--whodunit murder mystery... Reed 2 review for PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Switch Not so much a sequel as a replica, more or less, of the first game...