11 November 2020 02:37

“I’m very excited to have been involved in the Kenny [Omega]-led new AEW wrestling game.

AEW Wrestling Game From Former WWE 2K Team Revealed

AEW had been teasing news on the video game front, and they delivered big on excitement with one console game and two mobile games in the works. Everyone agreed that it was garbage, so they scrapped that and aimed for a game more like No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling. AEW teamed with YUKE's Future Media Creators to offer a sneak peak of the video game that will be coming to current and next-gen consoles. The simulated match footage transitioned from Omega versus Chris Jericho into Omega versus Hikaru Shida. Shida clocked Omega with her running knee strike to promote the possibility of dream matches in the video game dream world.

Edwards announced the mobile game AEW Elite General Manager. Dr. Baker revealed the AEW Games t-shirt. Omega went for this third attempt on his big announcement only to be interrupted by Cody Rhodes. Introducing the AEW Casino Double or Nothing mobile game coming this winter. Details were sparse, but it looked like a gambling game dressed with AEW themes.

He recruited Hideyuki Iwashita (aka Geta), No Mercy director and legendary developer, to help create AEW's dream console game. Are you excited about AEW's video game news? Publisher AEW Games has announced a new All Elite Wrestling game developed by Yuke's, which led the WWE 2K series up until WWE 2K19. Hideyuki "Geta" Iwashita, who directed the November 2000-released WWF No Mercy for Nintendo 64, is involved in the development of the new All Elite Wrestling game. "I'm very excited to have been involved in the Kenny [Omega]-led new AEW wrestling game.

Let's create a dream wrestling game for AEW fans around the world, and for all fans of the game." AEW is launching multiple video games, one of which is from Yuke's, the developer of numerous WWE 2K titles. During the AEW Games event on YouTube, which began 47 minutes after its scheduled start time, three new games were announced, one of which was being developed by Yuke's. Hosted by Omega, Dr. Britt Baker, Cody, and Aubrey Edwards, the untitled game is currently in development. Previously, Yuke's was behind games like the Smackdown series, along with WWE 2K's series--alongside Visual Concepts. In addition to the untitled console game that was announced, two other games were revealed: AEW Casino Double or Nothing and AEW Elite General Manager.

It features "AEW-branded versions of slots, blackjack, poker and roulette, along with AEW music, sounds, videos, wrestler virtual avatars, gift packs and more." Players can win real AEW merchandise by playing various casino-related games, according to the official description. Additionally, stay tuned for a very special episode of GameSpot's Wrestle Buddies on Tuesday evening, which will cover our reactions to the announcement, as well as a deeper dive into the upcoming AEW Games. AEW has officially announced that it is developing its first-ever console game with Japanese developer Yuke's. The announcement was made during the AEW Games special event on Tuesday, November 10, live on YouTube. The presentation video was hosted by Kenny Omega, who was dressed in the style of Steve Jobs as he presented a video on the history of the company.

Omega went on to say that he asked to be part of AEW's games division when he signed with the company and has been helping to develop the video game that wrestling fans wanted. He then presented footage of the game, showing himself and Chris Jericho in the ring, as well as AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida. Yuke's, which is working with AEW on the console game, is best known for creating WWE's video games up until WWE 2K19. AEW also announced a mobile game, launching in 2021, which was presented by referee Aubrey Edwards. Titled AEW Elite General Manager, it will allow fans to book their own dream matches. In the game, fans take on the role of GM, designing a roster of wrestlers, setting up matches, and running the show to generate revenue, new fans and effects on wrestlers' stamina and morale. There was also the official announcement of a second mobile game, AEW Casino Double or Nothing, which launches this winter. Tony Khan, CEO and GM of AEW, said: "It's amazing to think that less than two years ago, we sent shockwaves through the professional wrestling industry with the launch of AEW, and now we are rolling out our new revolutionary games. This is just the beginning of a new era of gaming for wrestling fans around the world." AEW has only been in existence since January 2019 and already the company has made massive waves in the wrestling world, rivalling WWE. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Pop in a Box Shop Now WWE Official Annual 2020 £9.97 WWE/Little Brother Books Amazon Shop Now WWE - Big E Pop! Pop in a Box Shop Now WWE RAW: The First 25 Years £12.65 WWE/DK Amazon Shop Now WWE - Undertaker hooded Pop! Pop in a Box Shop Now WWE SmackDown: 20 Years and Counting £13.99 WWE/DK Amazon Shop Now WWE - Charlotte Flair Pop! Pop in a Box Shop Now WWE: 35 Years of WrestleMania £13.99 WWE/DK Amazon Shop Now WWE - Ronda Rousey Pop! AEW had been teasing that we would get a big announcement on its first foray into video games since opening up shop, and now we finally have the first details on its jump to console gaming. AEW revealed the new details on its first-ever AEW Games special event, and that's where we learned that AEW has teamed up with Yuke's, who used to develop the WWE 2K series before Visual Concepts took over with WWE 2K20, on a brand new series. During the event, Kenny Omega confirmed Yuke's involvement. A release date and title were not revealed, though initial footage involving Omega, Chris Jericho and Hikaru Shida was shown. In a previous interview with ComicBook.com, Matt and Nick Jackson revealed what type of wrestling games they prefer, and for them it's all about ease of play. "We'll be watching [Kenny] play these new games and I'm like, 'I don't even understand. Are you excited for AEW's new console game with Yukes?