01 December 2020 00:40

Image: Noah Jupe plays Henry, but does he know more than he's letting on?

For five weeks we tuned in to their six-part whodunnit in our increasing millions around the globe, turning the tale of the starry Manhattan couple Grace and Jonathan Fraser (Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant), whose lives come apart when he is arrested for the murder of his lover Elena, into an international hit. There was a Franklin (Donald Sutherland) faction – an adulterous husband himself, he hated seeing himself in his son-in-law Jonathan and the pain he had caused his wife now in his daughter. His limitless funds could easily hire the best assassin to kill Elena and frame Jonathan. He definitely did it, unless it was his grandson Henry (Noah Jupe), who knew about his father's affair and wanted to keep his parents together. She was either driven by loyalty to her best friend Grace, or revenge after a previous secret affair with Jonathan.

Now, as we approach its finale, we take a look at the characters in the frame for the brutal murder of Elena Alves. Image: Nicole Kidman is psychologist Grace Fraser Played by Nicole Kidman, Grace is a psychotherapist living a seemingly charmed life in her beautiful Manhattan apartment, with her doctor husband Jonathan and loving young son Henry. But her reality falls apart after when a new mum at her Henry's elite private school is murdered and Jonathan subsequently goes missing. Grace seems blindsided by his disappearance and appears equally shocked when detectives tell her that her husband had been dismissed from his job after disciplinary action over "inappropriate contact with a patient's relative". Grace had previously met Elena at a committee meeting, and later ran into her in the gym changing rooms where a naked Elena got a little too close for comfort.

After her death, we see that Elena had painted a detailed portrait of Grace, which was found in her studio. While we know Grace alerted the police the moment her husband came out of hiding and revealed himself to her on the veranda, we also see her standing by him - and holding his hand - as he attends his trial. CCTV footage located by police showing Grace walking the streets just a block from Elena's studio - where she was found bludgeoned to death with her own sculpting hammer - is yet to be explained. Image: Hugh Grant is oncologist Jonathan Fraser While he admits he did visit Alves on night of her death - and more to the point that they argued before they had sex - he says she was fit and well when he left her. He is also the father of Elena's baby girl now being cared for by her husband Fernando. Jonathan tells his lawyer he's been unfaithful to Grace at least once before. Hardly the model dad, we discover Henry saw him getting close to Elena outside his school, and while Jonathan saw him, he didn't do anything to put his son's mind at rest. Jonathan is estranged from his family, and his mother tells Grace he never showed signs of guilt or remorse after his sister's death. Meanwhile, Jonathan totally denies killing Elena. He regularly tells Grace it was in fact Elena who was "stalking" him, and that she was "obsessed". Image: Ismael Cruz Cordova plays wronged husband Fernando Alves A cuckolded husband, played by Ismael Cruz Cordova, Fernando is literally left holding the baby after Elena's death. We see him let Jonathan into his flat, allow him to hold the baby, and appear surprisingly polite and welcoming - all things considered. Acting legend Donald Sutherland plays Grace's rich and influential father Franklin, who pays Jonathan's $2m (£1.5m) bail fee as well as stumping up for his expensive defence lawyer. He's very protective of Grace and he's never liked Jonathan. We also know he was regularly unfaithful to his wife, Grace's mum. While we know he lent Jonathan money before the murder, we understand he thought it was for Henry's school fees. He goes along to court to support Grace, and considers all the TV coverage of the trial to be just "entertainment" But then there was the moment his character showed himself in a whole new light - his "c***sucker" speech at Henry's school. Image: Noah Jupe plays Henry, but does he know more than he's letting on? He goes to school every day and enjoys playing his violin. We know that not too long ago he saw his father chatting intimately with Elena outside the school gates, but failed to tell his mum. The discovery of a sculpting hammer in his violin case would suggest he may know more about the murder than he's letting on. We're told by Grace that Henry would do anything for his dad, but just how far would he go? Image: Lily Rabe is Grace's BFF Sylvia Steineitz We know Jonathan approached Sylvia to defend him when he was dismissed from the hospital. We've also seen that Sylvia wasn't Elena's biggest fan - she considered her breastfeeding during a conference committee meeting to be a "hostile" act. Could there be more to Sylvia and Jonathan's relationship than meets the eye? Image: Edan Alexander plays Miguel Alves, the first person on the crime scene Miguel (Edan Alexander) is Elena and Fernando's son, and it was while he was receiving cancer treatment in hospital that his mother first met Jonathan. Miguel is now doing well, and back at school - but could he have known more about his mother's relationship with his doctor than he let on?