27 December 2019 02:35

In 2019 there has been no other team like Liverpool.

premier league

Liverpool occupies the world throne. The recent title before Flamengo is the reaffirmation of a successful project with Klopp as the main screenwriter. The arrival of the German coach, in October 2015, marked the beginning of the change that has led him to be the team of the moment after starring in an unstoppable progression with such a particular style. The top infographic details the path traveled season by season and the transformations that have occurred. In 2019 there has been no other team like Liverpool.

How Klopp has made Liverpool the best team

To his European and world successes, with the Champions League as the most transcendental achievement, a fabulous trajectory in the Premier League is added that left him a span of the title last year and that now begins to play with his fingers after almost completing the first return. In Anfield they crave the domestic championship over any other conquest and Klopp is very close to giving it.