10 October 2019 02:47

In fact, I think a likely launch price is £499.

playstation 5

Reading the report on the specs of the PlayStation 5 highlighted one thing to me: it's going to be expensive. I apologise ahead for the tech talk, but if it the SSD is NVME, which I suspect it will be for the improved UI, then I'd expect it to be only a 500GB SSD, because 1TB would add 33% onto the base price. The CPU will likely be based on Ryzen Zen 2, which isn't actually priced ridiculously. However, 4K Blu-ray drives appear to be £100+ and the current GPUs available that feature ray-tracing start at just shy of £300. Now, I'm aware that Sony will be dealing directly with suppliers, prices on components should fall between now and when the console is being mass produced, and Sony doesn't look to make a profit from hardware on day one, but I'd be surprised if the PlayStation 5 is less than £450.

Games Inbox: How much will the PS5 cost?

In fact, I think a likely launch price is £499. Sony have had a great generation with the PlayStation 4 but it wasn't too long ago, March 2007 to be precise, that the PlayStation 3 launched at a staggering £425 in the UK. On the Continent it was priced at €599! Now that the exchange rate has swung so far the other way, perhaps it's going to be higher than £500! Who knows. What are GC's and other reader's predictions? Matt GC: We could see them going for a more expensive console if they had a streaming service like Project xCloud to balance it out and act as the cheaper option. Whether that will be possible at launch though, there's no way of guessing at the moment.

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