07 November 2020 12:34

In the clip, Alex Ferguson has organised a players vs staff table quiz.


Roy Keane’s reaction to losing Manchester United team bonding quiz is gold

Roy Keane had a 'win at all costs' mentality during his playing days. It led him to the very top of the game, acting as the leader of a Manchester United team that was the dominant force in English football during the 1990s and early 2000s. He carried that into his managerial career, although it has been said that his sky high expectations ultimately held him back in dealing with players less talented than himself. It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that Keane was also hugely competitive off the pitch. We have heard numerous examples of this over the years, but there is perhaps no better proof than this video.

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The footage is from a documentary called Manchester United: Beyond the Promised Land, which followed the club's progress in the 1999/00 season, the campaign after their historic treble. In the clip, Alex Ferguson had organised a table quiz for players and members of staff. However, Keane gets the hump when he is losing, claiming the quiz is fixed. He eventually storms off in disgust. Advertisement John, were you asked to change the questions about two minutes ago yeah?


I think you were, weren't you? You fixed it man, you know you have. Of course, the relationship between the Irishman and Ferguson would sour during their final years together at Old Trafford. Knowing Keane, we wouldn't be surprised if it all stemmed from him feeling he was hard done by in a team bonding table quiz. SEE ALSO: Maguire Rejects Roy Keane Criticism Following Arsenal Defeat Roy Keane was one of the most driven, competitive players ever to grace the game — and that mindset wasn't restricted to football, as shown in a clip of a table quiz 20 years ago.

The footage comes from documentary Manchester United: Beyond the Promised Land, following United in the 1999/2000 season after they'd won the treble. In the clip, Alex Ferguson has organised a players vs staff table quiz. And Keane is irate at the coaches, including Fergie, getting answers right and claims the quiz is fixed. He gets so upset he actually storms off in disgust after Fergie's team offer 'Captain Pugwash' as the correct answer to a question. Old tape footage of a Manchester United team bonding table quiz from two decades ago. Good laugh watching Roy Keane lose the head as the coaching staff rack up all the correct answers. Keane believed the quiz to be fixed. He simply didn't like losing that man. pic.twitter.com/XePATxPp0A — Football Analysis (@obsessfooty) November 6, 2020 Keane is heard saying: 'John, were you asked to change the questions about two minutes ago yeah? You were… 'You fixed it man, you know you have. Cheaters!' In the eyes of many football fans, Roy Keane is the greatest captain of the Premier League era. Only a handful of players rival the Manchester United legend for that particular title, including John Terry, Patrick Vieira, Steven Gerrard, Tony Adams and Vincent Kompany. But Keane inspired those around him and ensured standards never slipped, whether that was in a match or even in training. The Irishman could be ferocious at times, especially on those he felt weren't pulling their weight or were underperforming. But without Keane alongside them, many United players wouldn't have won the silverware they did under Sir Alex Ferguson. Keane helped the Red Devils win seven Premier League titles, four FA Cups and the UEFA Champions League. He didn't play in the unforgettable 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich due to suspension but United wouldn't have advanced past the semi-finals without their skipper, who produced one of the best individual performances in the club's history away at Juventus. Now a pundit, Keane hasn't lost any of his edge since hanging up his boots in 2006. He's still just as terrifying now, despite the fact he turns 50 next year. One of the things that made Keane such a good player was his winning mentality. He absolutely hated losing, as this brilliant clip from a Man Utd team bonding quiz from the 1990s proves. Keane - deadly serious, naturally - says to the quizmaster: "John, were you asked to change the questions about two minutes ago? I think you were, weren't you? You were asked to change all the questions." The midfielder clearly felt the quiz had been fixed, much to the amusement of his teammates. When Sir Alex Ferguson and his fellow coaches then celebrated after winning the quiz, Keane reacted by getting up from his seat and storming off. "You've fixed it man, you know you have," Keane said as he left the room. Watch the video here... Outstanding. You wouldn't expect anything less from Keano. The clip is currently being shared by Man Utd fans on social media, and here's some of the best reaction… News Now - Sport News