22 September 2020 16:34

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When trying to get a Boots flu jab, many have found themselves experiencing difficulties. Are appointments only available to over 65s? What a year 2020 has been so far. Back in March, the UK went into lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and life changed as we knew it. Months were spent missing restaurants, bars, cinemas, and yes, family members and friends too.

More recently, we've witnessed the ushering in of what is commonly referred to as the "new normal". While a number of businesses have been allowed to open, the presence of masks and social distancing guidelines makes stepping out of the home a very different experience. With concern over rising cases, collective paranoia is on the increase and many are already preparing for and anticipating a problematic winter with an emphasis on safety precautions. Inevitably, lots are keen to book appointments for a flu jab as the colder weather looms. Unfortunately, there has been an issue… Photo by Ben Stansall-WPA Pool/Getty Images Is the Boots flu jab unavailable to under 65s? Yes. When proceeding to book a flu jab from Boots, you will be redirected to a page which confirms this. Let us explain. Considering the demand for the jab, you will likely be made to wait in a queue before being presented with the option to book in. However, when you book in, the following information is displayed: "Due to unprecedented demand for flu vaccinations this year and stock availability for the flu vaccine recommended for under 65s, we have had to suspend bookings for anyone under the age of 65." Continued: "There is currently a limited supply of the vaccination the NHS recommends for over 65s, so we can continue to take bookings for these appointments for now. Please revisit boots.com/flu for any updates on the service." So, if you're over 65 you will be able to proceed with the booking courtesy of a link included on the page. This content could not be loaded I thought I'd book my flu jab. But…. the Boots flu jab booking page said… I thought @MattHancock said everyone was going to be able to get a flu jab this year. pic.twitter.com/8984K9Iyj0 — Jill M (@landiejm) September 19, 2020 Matt Hancock on flu vaccination programme As reported by Sky News back in July, health secretary Matt Hancock spoke of the UK's "biggest flu vaccination programme in history" for later this year. Informing the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) during a virtual conference, he expressed: "We all know that having had an incredibly hard six months the next big moment is as winter approaches. We are currently planning in detail for winter. We are expecting high demand. We want the flu vaccine programme to be the biggest flu vaccine programme in history. We have procured enough vaccine to be able to deliver on that, but then it's a big task." As you'd expect, some are referring to to Matt's previous statements on social media. Photo credit should read Wiktor Szymanowicz/Barcroft Media via Getty Images The public express concerns Recently, a number of people have flocked to Twitter to express their disappointment regarding flu jabs from Boots. Many have tweeted about their experiences, relaying that they've been informed that bookings for under 65s have been suspended due to high demand. Check out a selection of tweets: This content could not be loaded @BootsHelp please put a notice up on your #Flu Jab Service Page to say that it is not available for under 65s. The walking man was fun to watch but 25mins spent in a virtual queue to be told I was not eligible was a waste of my time (& all in the queue behind me). @BootsUK pic.twitter.com/wyC3hNGaqa — Claire Storey (@Claire5torey) September 22, 2020 This content could not be loaded Went online to book a flu jab at @BootsUK and get told after a half hour queue that they are only offering to over 65s at the moment… maybe you should have said that before entering the queue?? — Amy Ross (@Amyloaf) September 22, 2020 This content could not be loaded just tried to book a flu jab but 'because of unprecedented demand' boots are no longer offering jabs to under-65s pic.twitter.com/48fxuekgoZ — Tatum Flynn (@Tatum_Flynn) September 21, 2020 In other news, does Donald trump own Miss Teen USA?