08 October 2019 17:52

Instagram dark mode

One of the most frequently requested features of Instagram over the years has been dark mode—and now, it's finally here. Instagram quietly rolled out the feature on both iOS and Android last night. Dark Mode has arrived on Instagram for iOS 13. Dark Mode on Instagram is enabled with your iOS 13 settings. All you have to do is make sure you download the latest version of Instagram and that your iPhone is running iOS 13 and your Android phone is running Android 10.

Dark mode on Instagram respects the system-wide dark mode settings on both operating systems, so the second you switch to dark mode in iOS 13 or Android 10, your Instagram app will also switch to dark mode. There is no way to toggle Instagram's dark mode on and off in the app itself. To enable system-wide dark mode on iOS 13 (and thus in Instagram): Go to your Settings app, tap Display & Brightness, and tap the Dark button. To enable system-wide dark mode on Android 10 (and thus in Instagram, too): Go to your Settings app, tap Display, and tap the Dark them button. And of course, people couldn't be happier about dark mode, as evidenced by all the posts on Twitter about it.

Dark Mode finally comes to Instagram???????????? (Update the Instagram app on iOS13, hasn't come through on my Android Devices as yet) pic.twitter.com/hlR1ccnrjw — Safwan AhmedMia (@SuperSaf) October 8, 2019 DARK MODE NO INSTAGRAM YESSSSSSSSS pic.twitter.com/CW85ElqQNR — insta: LUCASAPE (@lucasape) October 8, 2019 Instagram has joined the dark side. The Facebook-owned social media platform has updated its app for iOS 13 with support for dark mode. The setting is an extension of iOS' system-wide dark mode, and Instagram has basically revamped its UI to match the theme. How to turn on dark mode To get the dark look, you'll need to enable iOS 13's own dark mode.

That seems to be the only way for now, since Instagram has yet to include a native switch in its app. Pull the control center on your iPhone Select dark mode from the toggle options below to enable it Alternatively, you can ask Siri to enable dark mode by uttering the magic phrase "Hey Siri, turn on/off the dark mode." A third way to do it is by going to Settings> Display & Brightness, and then tapping on the "Dark" theme option. Once you've used any of these three approaches, Instagram will automatically switch to dark mode too. Unfortunately, Instagram's dark mode is currently exclusively available on iOS. Don't fret, though: it seems that the Facebook subsidiary is testing the feature on Android, so chances are it'll make its way to Google's operating system soon.

Instagram has finally gotten the dark mode treatment, several months after it was first announced. The new dark mode feature is available under the latest iOS 13 update and on Android 10. But users won't be able to switch on the feature within the app itself, and will instead have to go on the system-wide settings to change to "dark." Instagram will be rolling out more new features this week, including the removal of the "Following" tab. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. After it was first announced earlier this year, Instagram has finally gotten the "dark mode" treatment. The new dark mode feature is now available under the iOS 13 update and on Android 10. Read more: Instagram is getting rid of the feature that let you see what everyone else was liking As more app providers are offering darker, eye- and battery-friendly modes, Instagram is now following suit. While Android users with the current operating system have been allowed to use "dark mode" for a few days now, iOS users (App version 114.0) can now join the dark mode hype. The new "dark mode" feature is softer on the eyes. Business Insider/Harry Kersh Read more: An Iranian Instagram star thought to have had 50 cosmetic surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie was arrested over claims she corrupted youth and incited violence on social media But Instagram doesn't let you change the dark mode in the app itself. This means you have to activate it on the iPhone's system-wide settings before the feature is then matched on Instagram. To do this, you will have to open Settings on your device and then go to Display and Brightness and change it to "Dark." Android users will have to go to "Settings/Display/Dark Design" (though this may vary depending on the manufacturer). In addition, Instagram is also removing its "Following" tab this week, the feed that shows what posts your followers are commenting on and liking. The tab is removed for the sake of more privacy as well as simplicity, according to Vishal Shah, Instagram's head of product. iOS: Instagram just updated with dark mode, so you can stare at people's brightly colored vacation photos and ads for horrible coffee tables surrounded by inky black, like you're developing film in a darkroom. The only way to turn it on is by enabling dark mode across all of iOS. Search Dark and click Appearance (or find Display & Brightness in the third set of options). You can also turn on Automatic to automatically switch to dark mode at sunset, and back at sunrise. If Instagram hasn't turned dark yet, then you need to update to the latest version: Tap Update All, or the Update button next to Instagram. Annoyingly, iOS's Dark Mode is all-or-nothing. But you can add a Control Center button to toggle it on or off system-wide: Open the Settings app. Select Control Center from the third set of options. Find Dark Mode under More Controls. Now you can flip Dark Mode on and off at will.