17 August 2020 18:47

International Baccalaureate Student United Arab Emirates

PETALING JAYA: The International Baccalaureate (IB) will make adjustments to its diploma programme (DP) and career-related programme (CP) for the May 2020 session. While this will be done using predicted grades and coursework (IA), the IB said no student will incur an overall point score decrease from the originally issued grades. "With these adjustments, IB students will have another progression option to tertiary sectors and systems around the world where grade inflations have occurred, or grade comparability has been maintained. "Given the current unprecedented circumstances, using the IAs as the basis for awarding the updated grades provides an accurate and reliable reflection of an IB student's performance. "The IA grades are based on student coursework and assessed by trained independent IB examiners," the IB said in a statement on Monday (Aug 17).

Predicted grades, coursework to figure in Baccalaureate programme grades

Of the 3,020 schools receiving results for the May 2020 session, IB said 700 schools had submitted a review request on behalf of their students. It said that the adjustments were made whilst maintaining the validity and recognition of IB Assessments. See -about-the-ib/update-M2-DP-CP-results for more details on the adjustment.