26 August 2020 20:48

International Dog Day is marked on August 26 each year.

international dog day

HAPPY International Dog Day! They are our best friends and valued members of the family, and we agree that it is only right we dedicate a day to celebrating our dogs. International Dog Day is marked on August 26 each year. The day aims to encourage people to adopt dogs who are in need a loving family, and to help rescue dogs who are suffering from abuse and neglect. You have been sending in pictures of your four-legged friends to us all day.

International Dog Day – Worcester celebrates furry friends

Here are a selection of some of the top canine pictures we've been sent by readers. Emma Louise Goode said: "It's my Labrador's 10th birthday today. Had him since a pup." Holly Sutton says Blaze is her four-month-old Staffie/miniature poodle/Bichon Frise mash-up "and she is adorable". Lisa Davis Purser sent us this picture of Priya, Honey, Jasper and Lucy "wanting some of my toast" Pat Tunley sent us this picture of Peppa trying to get in through the cat flap Norman and Willow belong to Sarah McEvoy Tammi Pickstock's Marty, "spoilt, naughty but lovely" Rosie Davies: "My boys, Ringo, Buddy and Bonzo" Basil the beagle belongs to Abby Fennell Fudge, an 18-month-old old cocker spaniel, showing off his new collars, belongs to Aimée Sealey David Stephenson's Bisto and Delilah playing on the beach in Anglesey Caroline Elwin says this is Poppy, a nine-month-old chocolate Labrador: "She is either 100 miles an hour or fast asleep!" Sputnik enjoying a walk around Bretforton and Honeybourne with owner Suzy Dean And the last word goes to Margaret Williams, who posted: "Aren't dogs absolutely wonderful....I love them! I've had many dogs in my (almost) 77 years of life and far too many photos to even try to pick one out. At the moment I am 'dogless' – a rescue baby will be somewhere waiting for me to fall in love with no doubt!" For more your great pictures, check out our Facebook page