11 January 2020 02:32

Is that you, Ethan Suplee?

Is that you, Ethan Suplee? The star of "My Name Is Earl" and "Remember the Titans" is unrecognizable after losing more than 100 lbs. Suplee is sharing his journey on his new podcast "American Glutton," where he talks to experts and average Joes about weight loss, and also discusses his own experiences. In a teaser clip, Ethan looks back at his relationship with food, saying, "Food was something that people didn't want me to have, so if I wanted to have more, I needed to do it privately and it became something I was withholding from people." He went on, "I actually realized later in life that much of my binge eating came on my own. When I was teenager, I would go out to a nightclub with my friends.

‘My Name Is Earl’ Star Ethan Suplee Unrecognizable After Losing More Than 100 Lbs.

I never really felt comfortable eating in front of people, but when I would go home, I would always find a 24-hour drive-thru and eat three meals in my car right before bed, which today seems crazy, because I don't eat after dark now." Check out his Instagram for more photos of his amazing transformation!