29 October 2019 12:40

It’s much better to be trusting.


DAME HELEN MIRREN was the queen of the red carpet last night as she stepped out for the premiere of The Good Liar. The Oscar winner was joined at the BFI Southbank in London by fellow screen legend Sir Ian McKellen — her co-star in the film. In the flick, based on Nicholas Searle's novel of the same name, she is a widow who is wooed online by a career conman — played by Lord Of The Rings star McKellen, 80. Mirren said her role in the movie, directed by Bill Condon, made her realise how naive she can be in real life. 'Yes, it is easy to abuse people's trust,' the 74-year-old said.

Dame Helen Miren’s Looking fib-ulous on the red carpet for The Good Liar movie premiere

'I think the default position for humans is to be trusting. I'm incredibly trusting. My husband gets very cross sometimes, because I am very, very trusting. But it seems to me it's a much more pleasurable way to live your life than being constantly suspicious of people and their motivations. 'Thinking, "Are they telling the truth? Should it be costing that much?" It's exhausting. It's much better to be trusting. Occasionally it bites you on the bum, but most people are decent.' Her return to the limelight came days after she confessed to taking a cheeky, secret snap of Aquaman star Jason Momoa on a flight as he is 'the most beautiful man I have seen in my life'. The film, released in cinemas on November 8, also stars Years And Years actor Russell Tovey, 37.