21 May 2020 12:34

It was revealed last week that ten residents have died at Home Farm during the coronavirus outbreak.


Ten residents of Home Farm care home in Portree have died during the coronavirus pandemic Weekly inspections are to be carried out at a care home on Skye before the "nuclear option" of suspending its registration is considered. It was revealed last week that ten residents have died at Home Farm during the coronavirus outbreak. Thirty other residents and 29 staff have tested positive for Covid-19. The home in Portree is now being monitored by inspectors with assistance from NHS Highland. Roddy Dunlop, QC, appeared via video link at Inverness sheriff court yesterday on behalf of the Care Inspectorate after it began legal action against HC-One, which runs the home.

Coronavirus in Scotland: Weekly checks at care home where ten have died

He submitted a joint motion before Sheriff Eilidh MacDonald yesterday which calls on the company to make improvements at the home. The motion contains an option to return to


nigelbailey May 21 2020 12:37
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Shannon Oliver May 21 2020 12:37
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Josephine Begum May 21 2020 12:38
I think we should have a system that's affordable, people can afford to buy insurance and that they can keep and use their existing plan when they get sick. That's my support for reform
gail23 May 21 2020 12:39
A: It's very difficult for them to find another place to live. They have to be very insistent to get their medications. They're in a time of stress and they want their medication. I know they're sensitive to this, but they need their medication
Jemma Dale May 21 2020 12:41
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