05 August 2020 12:42

It’s disappointing that the Google Doodle isn’t available in more countries.

When a Google Doodle appears on Google's front page, it's usually creative and timely. This time is no different, as today's (almost) worldwide Doodle features COVID-19 prevention methods. However, it doesn't appear for users in Malaysia, Singapore and several other countries. The COVID-19 themed Google Doodle includes the Google 'letters' wearing different kinds of masks and staying socially distant. Once users click on it on the Google homepage, they'll be taken to a "Wear a Mask.

Today’s Google Doodle promotes COVID-19 prevention, but it’s not for Malaysia

Save Lives" page. On the page, you'll see—in big letters—the public service announcement by the World Health Organisation (WHO) advising you to "wear a mask, save lives, wear a mask, clean your hands, and keep a safe distance". You'll also be able to look through more tips on COVID-19 prevention, the symptoms and treatments—as well as the cases overview in your country and the rest of the world. Countries in blue have the Doodle. Countries in white do not. The themed Google Doodle is available worldwide for almost all countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia. However, it completely missed Malaysia and Singapore, amongst other countries. We don't know why the COVID-19 themed Doodle isn't available to us, as prevention of the virus is encouraged worldwide. We noticed that it's not available for most countries in the African continent, Italy, Middle Eastern countries, Scandinavian countries and Greenland, to name a few. Google has a wide enough platform to help give COVID-19 prevention the boost it needs. It's disappointing that the Google Doodle isn't available in more countries. Still, you can look at what it looks like above, or here. Face masks are now mandatory in Malaysia on public transport and crowded public spaces. Those that do not comply will be issued a compound of RM1,000. [SOURCE, IMAGE SOURCE] Related reading