25 July 2020 18:32

It’s such a wonderful group of humans.

It's such a family. I cannot tell you how lovely it is, being on that set. You walk in, and you're hugging everyone and you know everyone's name. We were hanging out on the weekends with some of the crew. It's such a wonderful group of humans.

Why Legends Of Tomorrow’s Maisie Richardson-Sellers Loved Getting To Play Two Characters On The Show

Everyone's so talented and passionate about what they do, which feeds into the whole way that the show runs. We have wonderful writers. There's a very diverse group of writers who are really emotionally invested, as well. There was always a writer on set, which makes you feel much more involved in the process. I miss them. I'm gonna miss them so much. It was a fantastic four years. I feel like I grew a lot, as a human and as an actress, being there.