15 August 2020 14:36

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Poll Turkey Twizzlers could be returning as Bernard Matthews tease comeback Turkey Twizzlers, made by Norfolk-based Bernard Matthews, could be making a comeback. Picture: Archant Archant © 2005 Norfolk-based producer Bernard Matthews has hinted that Turkey Twizzlers could soon be back on sale with its latest advert. Share Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. A school dinner favourite across the county and beyond, Turkey Twizzlers were infamously banned in 2005 after a campaign by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. At the time, Bernard Matthews, which has its headquarters in Great Witchingham, defended the product and said it could be part of a balanced diet and that they had already reduced the fat levels.

READ MORE: Opinion: Only using Eat Out to Help Out for a cheap McDonald's is missing the point 15 years on, the corkscrew-shaped snack could be heading back to supermarket shelves, with the company hinting at its return on social media. In a video on the Bernard Matthews Foods Limited Facebook page, it begins with printed articles on the wall with people campaigning to bring Turkey Twizzlers back and then teases "the comeback of the century". Would you like to see Turkey Twizzlers return? Vote in our poll. There are just some foods that become synonymous with your childhood.

And it doesn't get more iconic than Turkey Twizzlers. They were a much-loved school dinner staple back in the day but this generation of school children weren't made aware of the twizzled treat. That's because the product was removed from menus in 2005 after Jamie Oliver campaigned to have them axed due to concerns over how unhealthy they were. However, Bernard Matthews is teasing the 'comeback of the century' and fans are convinced it's the turkey-based treat. Writing on its official Facebook account, the company said: "Get ready for the comeback of the century you have all been waiting for!" The accompanying 16-second video shows mock-ups of newspaper headlines printed with the likes of 'bring it back' appear on screen with a voice saying: "A long time ago, one moment changed everything. "But now, with the world in need of joy than ever, the time has come." Bernard Matthews also appeared to give another huge hint using a graphic of twizzly cutlery, telling people to get their 'forks at the ready' before asking: "Are you ready?" And the answer is pretty much YES! One person commented: "If it's not twizzlers I'm boycotting." "If it's not turkey twizzlers then we need to start a boycott from bernard matthews products. They can't tease us like this," echoed another. A third added: "I will honestly eat sleep breath Turkey twizzlers if theyre brought back not even joking!!" "For the love of all things sacred let this be Turkey Twizzlers!!! This generation need SOMETHING good to remember in 2020," a fouth passionately added. Though one fan did throw a spanner in the works adding: "I emailed a few months ago and was told there were no plans to bring back what I think your talking about...... I hope more people think like me and we changed your mind..." It's got to be Turkey Twizzlers, right?