07 February 2019 12:30

Jennifer Lawrence engaged to boyfriend Cooke Maroney


Jennifer Lawrence flashes her engagement ring while out with newly minted fiancée Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence's engagement to Cooke Maroney just made news Tuesday. The Hunger Games actress, 28, flashed a slim gold engagement band while out with her new fiancée. Date night: Jennifer Lawrence displayed her thin engagement band while out to dinner with new fiancee Cooke Maroney on Tuesday night Cooke and Jennifer's engagement comes after just eight-months of dating. The happy news came after the couple were spotted dining together in New York at Raoul's, with Jennifer seen showing off a 'giant rock' on her finger. Where you know, you know: Cooke and Jennifer's engagement comes after just eight-months of dating Cooke works at New York's Gladstone Gallery, which represents artists including Lena Dunham's dad, Carroll Dunham, as well as Richard Prince, Anish Kapoor, and Bjork's ex, Matthew Barney.

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While neither Jennifer or Cooke have spoken publicly about their relationship, insiders have gushed about their chemistry, with a source telling People in June: 'She is smiling like I have never seen her do with any of her previous boyfriends'. I can remember exactly where I was (a pub) when I first discovered the economics of wedding and engagement rings, I was that astonished: the groom is supposed to spend three times his monthly salary on the item. Poundland recently came to the rescue with a £1 "placeholder" ring: the idea is that you choose your real ring together, but this is a myth, like "first-time buyer". The 20,000 "bling rings" Poundland sold, in a week, will be the rings everyone says "I do" to. But I knew two things: the first is that nobody ever knows what to say to you when you've just got married, so they tell you you look pretty, then they ask to see your ring.

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This doesn't mean a Poundland ring is a bad idea; it's brilliant. LAST month, Poundland set tongues wagging when it launched a collection of £1 engagement rings. And while some thought the cheap jewellery was a great idea, others disagreed, taking the stance that you shouldn't be able to pick your own engagement ring. Poundland said: "These are beautiful placeholder rings because we know they'll want to buy their own. Earlier this week, we told you about the bride-to-be who has been blasted for wanting to postpone the wedding because boyfriend can't afford her dream engagement ring.

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Poundland has reportedly sold 20,000 of their £1 engagement rings since launching them a week ago. [Read More: Poundland launches £1 engagement rings for Valentine's Day] It's strange how much focus everyone put on the ring when news of an engagement breaks, rather than the people. The only two things about it that were right were the woman I was asking, and the ring, which cost £5.95 from Argos." Rich and his fiancée visited jewellers together and ended up having an engagement ring made. MANILA, Philippines — Wedding bells will be soon ringing for Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence who is reportedly engaged to her boyfriend Cooke Maroney after a few months of dating. Cooke is a director of Gladstone Gallery in New York.

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Speculations that the Oscar winner and the art gallery director were engaged spread after the former was seen wearing a "massive ring" on her finger. Reports said that the "Hunger Games" actress was first romantically linked to Cooke in June 2018 after the couple was introduced by Jennifer's friend Laura Simpson. Before her engagement to Cooke, Jennifer dated her "Mother!" director Darren Aronofsky who is 22 years her senior. UK pound shop Poundland has sold 20,000 fake engagement rings in one week. It says its "Bling Ring" range is so popular that it is now the UK's biggest engagement ring retailer.

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Poundland says people are using them as "placeholders" until they can afford the real thing. A British equivalent of a dollar store has sold 20,000 fake engagement rings which it says people are using as placeholders until they can afford to buy a real one. Poundland, which has 850 stores across the UK and Ireland, launched its £1 ($1.30) "Bling Ring" range in January, and it was so popular that the shop now claims to be the UK's biggest engagement ring retailer. Selling 20,000 rings in just one week, the company claims that 17% of all engagement rings that will be given this year have come from Poundland. It added that people are using the cheap rings as "an excuse to pop the question and make it official before they save up to purchase the real thing." Even better, the shop, which sells a range of items from 50p ($0.60) to £10 ($12.90), even extended its return policy so that customers can return the ring up to one year after their purchase for a full £1 refund, should they end up buying a real diamond ring.

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Page Six first reported that actress Jennifer Lawrence was dating art gallerist Cooke Maroney in June 2018. Lawrence's rep confirmed to INSIDER that the couple was engaged, though Page Six initially broke the news. Cooke Maroney grew up in Vermont and he currently works as a director at a New York City art gallery. On Tuesday, actress Jennifer Lawrence's rep confirmed to INSIDER that Lawrence was engaged to art gallerist Cooke Maroney. Page Six initially broke the news when actress Jennifer Lawrence was reportedly spotted wearing a "massive ring" on her finger earlier this week.

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The source added that the couple seemed to be celebrating something and people were talking about her "noticeable" ring. Here's what we know about Jennifer Lawrence's new fiancé Cooke Maroney, an art gallerist who seems to live a fairly private life. In June 2018, Page Six reported that actress Jennifer Lawrence had started dating art gallerist Cooke Maroney. He's the director at an art gallery in New York City When Page Six broke the news that the couple was dating in June, they reported from a source that the couple met through a mutual friend. Lawrence and Maroney have reportedly been dating since June 2018.

Splash News When they were first reported to be dating, a source told Page Six that the two of them "have been very private and careful not to be seen together." Since then, the two have been photographed together but have reportedly only attended one public event together which was in September 2018 when People reported that Lawrence took him to the New York Film Festival premiere of "The Favourite." Maroney and Lawrence are regularly photographed on dates in New York City, but they've also been photographed in Europe. But the bad blood boiled again in a new commercial they collaborated on for their respective brands: Aviation American Gin for Reynolds, 42, and Laughing Man Coffee Company for Jackman, 50. It's on again: Bad blood boiled again for Ryan Reynolds, 42, and Hugh Jackman, 50, in a new commercial they collaborated on for their respective brands: Aviation American Gin for Reynolds and Laughing Man Coffee Company for Jackman In the new spot, the actors sat together showing one another commercials they made for one another's brands amid their new supposed solidarity in the wake of their social media spats. The Deadpool star said: 'Yeah, we sure did: I've been working 24/7 on an ad for Hugh's incredible coffee company Laughing Man and he's been working hard - 24/7 I imagine - on an Aviation Gin ad so I'm going to go first, let's roll it.' Ad man: Reynolds delivered a stellar and well-put together spot for Jackman's brand Jackman's commercial was far stripped down, showing the star sitting in a lavish room with an Aviation Gin bottle positioned on a table next to him. Contrast: Jackman's commercial was far stripped down, showing the star sitting in a lavish room with an Aviation Gin bottle positioned on a table next to him The actors have engaged in a playful back-and-forth over the past few years, with Jackman getting in another salvo on Reynolds this past holidays season, ribbing him by inviting him to a party and falsely telling him it was a sweater bash.