21 December 2019 20:32

Jessie might be ending the decade on her own, but don’t feel sorry for her.

But in the eyes of the tabloid media and certain corners of the internet, they don't matter. They're not important. These people must think that Jessie J can't possibly be responding to her break up in any other way than to immediately retire to her bedroom and lie prostrate with grief like some kind of modern day Miss Havisham. Surely, they think, Jessie J must be absolutely riddled with despair, simply unable to get out of bed because she's found herself a party of one instead of two. These people are probably also the ones who are shocked at the pair's sudden split.

Jessie J: We need to stop feeling sorry over Channing Tatum split

(What, did Jessie not give you a call to fill you in on all the minutiae of her relationship personally? Didn't you get the memo from Tatum detailing the reasoning behind their break up?) The reality is that break ups happen to most, if not all of us, including celebrities, and they are never undertaken lightly. There'll be a reason behind this split, one that neither Tatum not Jessie is required to share with us. They don't owe us anything. It's enough to know that Jessie is, as she wrote on Instagram, "happy". The decade is almost over; a page in the book of history is about to be turned. I wish that we weren't still – still, on 21 December, 10 days before these past 10 years come to an end – shaming women for being single. Jessie might be ending the decade on her own, but don't feel sorry for her. She's just spent the last 10 years doing exactly what she loves, making ebullient, infectious music and bringing it to every corner of the globe. Her relationship status does not define her. Being single is not the beginning, middle or the end of her story. Here is a woman who, at the end of the decade, has a life full to the brim with passion and purpose and creativity. I feel sorry for anyone who can't see the beauty or, indeed, the value in that.