08 February 2020 04:50

Jimmy goes to the top and hits the big Uso splash on Roode for the pin to win.

Goldberg vs Bray Wyatt Set For WWE Universal Title

- We go right to the ring and out first comes The Miz. He stops and waits John Morrison makes his way out. They plug their Super ShowDown match with SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day. They then lead us to their new blockbuster - Once Upon on The Dirt Sheet. They go on about the trailer and Big E says it's hilarious that Miz and Morrison think they will take the titles at Super ShowDown. The music interrupts and out comes The Usos - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. The Usos aren't thrilled with Miz and Morrison saying they beat them. Back from the break and Robert Roode goes at it with Jimmy Uso. They trade shots and Jimmy rocks him with a big right hand.

Jey Uso tags in for the double team to Roode from the top. Ziggler with a big dropkick for a 2 count to Jey. Ziggler works Uso over in the corner and then distracts the referee, allowing Roode to claw at Uso in the corner. Fans try to rally for The Usos but Roode drops Jey as he reaches for a tag. Ziggler tags in as Roode drops Jey with a DDT. Ziggler drops Jimmy off the apron and shows off as fans boo him.

Roode comes back in and they hit a big Zig Zag - Spinebuster combo but Jimmy breaks the pin up just in time. Ziggler distracts the referee again as Roode jumps up and shoves Jey off the top, sending him to the floor and face-first into the barrier. Back from the break and Roode stomps away on Jey in the corner as the referee warns him. Jimmy keeps control and hits a Samoan Drop on Roode. Jimmy splashes Ziggler in the corner but runs into a powerslam from Roode for a 2 count.

Ziggler tags in and hits a Zig Zag on Jimmy for another close 2 count. Jey tags in and goes to the top for a big splash on Ziggler but he lands on knees. Roode and Ziggler go for a double team but Jimmy makes the save. Jimmy goes to the top and hits the big Uso splash on Roode for the pin to win. Elias plays for a minute and asks who has his back in the match with Cesaro tonight.

Elias is quickly interrupted by the music as Cesaro comes out with Sami Zayn. Sami goes on ranting at Elias and the fans, and says Elias is going to pay tonight in the ring with Cesaro, and he brought it on himself. Elias with a big back-drop in the middle of the ring. Cesaro goes on and knocks Elias out of the ring, into the barrier. Sami taunts Elias on the floor and gets in his face as fans boo him.

Cesaro comes out and drops Elias face-first into the top of the barrier. Cesaro ends distracting the referee, allowing Sami to deck Elias with a cheap shot while he's hung on the ropes. Cesaro runs back up with a big uppercut as Sami distracts Elias from the floor. Cesaro launches Elias into a big uppercut for another close 2 count. Elias goes back to the top and hits the big flying elbow drop for the pin to win. - After the match, Elias' music hits as we go to replays. Corbin says Roman Reigns lost last week just like your sorry San Francisco 49ers lost to his Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Corbin says then he would've won their Falls Count Anywhere match, then the Royal Rumble main event, and he would be the one headlining WrestleMania 36. Corbin says as our king, he demands one more match with Reigns. Corbin, speaking from the bottom of the ramp now, says he's the king of SmackDown and this show is going nowhere until he gets Reigns in the ring. Corbin asks for another drink from a fan to pour over this same guy but the music hits and out comes Reigns to a pop. Reigns sends Corbin into the barrier and then the steel ring steps, and again. Reigns takes the mic in the ring and calls Corbin back but he's not coming. Goldberg says his usual suspect WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is busy with Ricochet at the event, but what about the WWE Universal Title? Goldberg talks about his previous reign and it sounds like he's about to challenge WWE Universal Champion "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, but we're interrupted by a special "Breaking News" edition of Firefly Fun House. Wyatt is about to offer some advice but Goldberg says the only thing he will be taking is the title. Slater mentions the recent Strap Match at the Royal Rumble and says he would never let another man beat him like that. Bryan asks Slater what he thinks about the two of them meeting in the ring right now. The bell rings and Bryan immediately hits a big running knee to Slater, sending him out. - After the match, Bryan stands tall and leads a "yes!" chant in the corner as his music hits. - Back from the break and we see how Braun Strowman won the WWE Intercontinental Title from Shinsuke Nakamura last Friday. The Fiend is now official, as is the Steel Cage match between Roman Reigns and King Corbin. He pinned Dolph Ziggler in his last match at WWE SummerSlam. The Usos are in control of Robert to start the match off until he comes back with a clothesline to Jey for two before Dolph and Robert take turns chaining together offense and tags. We return to Robert stomping Jey in the corner before he fights out of it and gets the tag to Jimmy. Jimmy takes out Roode and Ziggler with superkicks before Jey goes for a diving splash, but Dolph gets his knees up and rolls Jey up for a near fall. Jimmy gets the blind tag and The Usos hit a double superkick into a diving splash for the pin and the win. Winner: The Usos defeat Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler via pinfall when Jimmy pins Roode with a diving splash. We then go to Elias playing a song in the ring before he's interrupted by Sami Zayn and Cesaro. Cesaro is in control as we come back to the match already in progress before Elias hits a back suplex for two before hitting a mule kick. Sami distracts Elias before Cesaro boots him off of the apron before rolling him back into the ring and Cesaro comes back with a gut wrench suplex for two. -We come back from commercial to Baron Corbin coming out to the ring to complain more before he's interrupted by Roman Reigns after pouring water on a fan. -We go to Goldberg via satellite who sets up his return match, picking the Universal champion The Fiend, Bray Wyatt. Bray shows up on the screen and interrupts the interview before saying that The Fiend accepts and that it will be a cold day in hell before Goldberg becomes Universal champion. -We come back to this week's WWE This Week in History before Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring for his match impromptu match against Heath Slater.