13 October 2020 22:35

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Craig & Danny: Funny, Black and on TV (STV, 8pm) IN celebration of this year's Black History Month, Red Dwarf co-stars Craig Charles and Danny John-Jules take a look back on some of the greatest and sometimes forgotten black comedy legends of our time. Through a combination of nostalgic archive footage and star interviews, they find out about the greatest black comics, from the first breakout black comic, Yorkshireman Charlie Williams, to today's rising stars, such as Michaela Coel and genre-defining shows from Desmond's to The Real McCoy. Escape to the Farm with Kate Humble (C5, 9pm) IT'S now more than a decade since presenter Kate Humble left London to start a new, more sustainable life on a small farm in Monmouthshire, Wales. Some cynics may have wondered just how much of the actual farming she was really going to do, but as this new series proves, she's very hands on. In the first episode, cameras follow Kate as she tends to Sausage, a Welsh pig who is due to give birth – but things aren't going to plan. Surgeons: At the Edge of Life (BBC2, 9pm) AT Royal Papworth, senior consultant in thoracic surgery Aman Coonar and Addenbrooke's plastic surgeon, Charles Malata, undertake a mammoth chest wall reconstruction.

Kevin has been living with an open hole in his back for 15 years since having a cancerous lung removed. Meanwhile, leading neurosurgeon Richard Mannion and consultant ENT surgeon Patrick Axon treat Gulraiz, who has a rare type of tumour growing at the back of his brain. Ivor Cutler by KT Tunstall (Sky Arts, 10pm) CULT humourist Ivor Cutler was Glaswegian, Jewish and a musical genius. To KT Tunstall, his records have been the soundtrack to her travels: "I've always found his music almost medicinal," she says. Now the celebrated Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter sets out to explore the unique character of the great eccentric.

She meets the musicians with whom Cutler collaborated, the friends he often fell out with, as well as his many celebrity fans, before finally recording a cover of Cutler's song Women of the World. Telly Today for Tuesday, October 13th and its the end of Life, chocolate bakes, a farm escape and a probe into the life of an eccentric musical genius. ESCAPE TO THE FARM For the first time ever Kate Humble is allowing cameras full access to her farm in Monmouthshire. She bought this little part of Wales a decade ago with a dream of a self- sufficient life by growing her own produce and breeding her own livestock. Over ten years later and she has a farm packed with pigs, cows, sheep and goats – but for Kate, this is a working farm and that means 24/7 hard graft. But we also see the joys of cooking using her own ingredients and watch Kate indulge that passion for nature by joining her on her favourite walks. Natural history presenter Kate Humble fled London for a newlife in Monmouthshire, Wales and a big part of the plan was to lead a sustainable life and really live off the land. So, when the opportunity to buy a little farm came up, she jumped at it and 10 years on it's the best decisions she has ever made. With the help of her tenant farmer and all round mentor, Tim Stephens, Kate has taken to the role of farmer with gusto and she is hands on with everything. In the first episode all islooking rosy for Sausage the Welsh pig who is hours away from giving birth. After successfully delivering 27 piglets, this should be a breeze. But it's soon apparent that Sausage's life, and the life of her unborn litter, are in danger and Kate gets hands on to rescue her animal and the little ones. Escape to the Farm with Kate Humble, episode one, tonight at 9pm on Channel 5 LIFE In this third, and final, episode each character confronts a truth in their life, and each of them commits an action which cannot be undone.