26 October 2020 18:40

Jody Latham

Sign up to FREE email alerts from LancsLive - daily Subscribe Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Invalid Email The actor who played Lip in Shameless has once again gone from rags to riches and is now a multimillionaire selling dermal fillers. Jody Latham from Burnley, enjoyed success after he played Lip Gallagher in the wildly successful TV comedy Shameless which made him a near household name in the thespian world. The show was written by Paul Abbott, another Burnley boy, who is widely thought to have based the character of Lip on himself and cast Latham in the role for that reason. Latham may have enjoyed success as an actor but after he left Shameless in 2008 his personal life took a turn for the worse when he had to move back in with his parents in 2012 as he faced bankruptcy. Now the father-of-two, who attended Walton High School in Nelson, is at the head of a cosmetics empire worth £18m, a project which started when he made friends with an extra on Shameless all those years ago.

From Lip Gallagher to lip fillers: Burnley actor and Shameless star's £18m cosmetics empire

(Image: Channel 4) He told our mother site The Mirror: "I became friends with an extra. "Years later I saw she was giving Botox and I said, 'Jab me up'. "I felt so good. I thought, 'There's got to be an in into this industry'. I wanted to make people feel this good." (Image: Jody Latham/Instagram) Latham was previously spared jail for trying to grow cannabis and later appeared in court for harassing his ex partner, and former Shameless co-star, Sarah Byrne, in 2016. In 2012 the 38-year-old admitted to being on the brink of bankruptcy when he was fined for a motoring offence. and couldn't pay the fine. At that time Latham told the court that he had moved back in with his parents in Bacup ahead of high court ruling regarding his financial problems. Now, eight years on, Latham is a multimillionaire with a cosmetics empire worth £18m having recently secured a £9.5m deal to distribute dermal fillers for cosmetic treatments. Jody trained up to give beauty treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers soon after his first experience of botox. After opening up a few clinics four years ago, he decided it would be lucrative to focus on the distribution side and set up Epitique. And earlier this year he struck a deal with South Korean firm Jetima. But despite the money piling up, the Burnley boy says he's not flashing the cash after learning his lesson as an actor. Keep up to date with all the latest news To keep updated, follow LancsLive on Facebook and @LiveLancs on Twitter. Have you got news for us? Contact our newsdesk on [email protected] You can also sign up for free daily updates with the LancsLive newsletter here. You can also sign up to our Christmas newsletter, here. He said: "I live in two-bed flat and drive a modest car. I'm pumping everything back into the company. "It's valued at £18m. We'll see where we are in a couple of years. "I've had money before but not in my hands long enough. After series one of Shameless, I went with my first wage of £21,000 and bought an Audi convertible. "I didn't even think of rent or food." The 38-year-old Lip actor, who used to attend Burnley Youth Theatre, insists that he has still not given up on acting. He says: "I had a fantastic career and hope there's more to come." So how would the Shameless crew react to his career change? Jody says: "Back in the day cosmetics was only for the rich and famous. "Now people from the Chatsworth could well be getting it. Lip might get some filler or Botox… if he got it for free."