21 December 2020 14:41

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WWE TLC 2020: Randy Orton wins Firefly Inferno Match against Bray Wyatt, and sets him on fire

During a year in which AJ Styles was buried alive, Rey Mysterio had his eye gouged out and Braun Strowman drowned in a swamp, WWE closed out the final pay-per-view of the year with Randy Orton setting The Fiend on fire during their Firefly Inferno Match. Many were surprised The Fiend vs. Randy Orton closed out the show, and according to WrestleVotes, this wasn't the original plan. They tweeted: "The Inferno Match was pre-taped this afternoon and as of the first rundown, wasn't scheduled to be the main event. Interesting move." Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.co later noted the Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens was originally scheduled to go on last, but those plans were changed.

Davis also noted the Firefly Inferno Match was taped earlier on Sunday. Some of the more dangerous spots were retaped, including the spot where The Fiend almost set Orton on fire while he was laid out on the rocking chair. The closing spot where The Eater Of Worlds was engulfed in flames was edited together. The real-life Wyatt was, of course, switched out for a dummy. Extra special precautions were also taken because of the nature of the match.

Members of the company's backstage crew were at ringside with fire extinguishers so they could put out various fires. It's fair to say that WWE's December PPVs tend to invite low expectations - the holidays are just around the corner, and the talent are tired and looking forward to a brief break. But with WWE's recent record-low Raw ratings, there was at least hope that WWE might come out swinging hard for the final show of 2020, and to be completely fair, this year's TLC show delivered above and beyond most reasonable expectations. It was a decent card on paper albeit not one for fans to get hugely excited about, yet save for the ridiculous shambles of a main event, the show generally ranged from watchable to great. The two TLC matches alone made the night worthwhile, there were some interesting title changes, and...

an unconscious man got his entire body set on fire. How's that for adult content? This isn't an event fans will be talking about for years and years, but it certainly overdelivered on the sensibly low standards most of us all have for WWE PPVs this time of the year... WWE: Randy Orton beats Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Inferno Match– At WWE TLC, Randy Orton and The Fiend clashed in the first-ever Firefly Inferno Match. The only way to win the bout was to set the other competitor on fire.

The Fiend was unaffected by a few early blows from Orton. The monster took control of the match, but Orton countered Sister Abigail. He reversed it again, and he went for an RKO. But The Fiend countered, and he finally hit Sister Abigail. The Fiend raised his arm, and flames suddenly surrounded the ringside area.

The Fiend gouged Orton's eyes and tried to set him on fire, but Orton fought him off. Using his belt, The Fiend whipped Orton. He set the belt on fire and tried to hit Orton with it. But "The Viper" moved. Still, The Fiend kept controlling the match. He took a pickaxe and tried to hit Orton with it, but "The Legend Killer" dodged that, too. The Fiend put Orton in a rocking chair and set it on fire, but Orton moved. Orton rallied by hitting The Fiend with the steel steps. He wrapped a chain around his fist and punched the monster. The Fiend slammed Orton and regained control. He snapped Orton's neck The Fiend locked in a Mandible Claw, but Orton turned The Fiend around, lighting him in fire in the process. The monster ran back into the ring while he was on fire, but Orton dropped him with an RKO. Orton then poured gasoline on The Fiend and dropped a lit match on him. The Fiend fully caught on fire, and Orton left the ring. Orton posed to close the show. The Hurt Business def. The New Day to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions (Photo Credit: WWE) WWE TLC 2020 took place on December 20 at Amway Centre, Orlando, Florida. We witnessed an extravagant event of WWE at the end of 2020. Wrestlers like Randy Orton, 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt, Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns fight their heart out to put up a great show. It has been an amazing 2020 for these wrestlers. In the final event of WWE in 2020, we saw Drew McIntyre retains World Championship title by defeating AJ Styles and The Miz in the ladder match. The most appreciated match of the evening was between Randy Oron and The Fiend which kept the audience on their seat. The Viper defeated The Fiend in Firefly Inferno Match. WWE Raw Dec 14, 2020 Results And Highlights: AJ Styles Defeats Sheamus Ahead of His World Title Match Against Drew McIntyre at TLC. Also Read | WWE Raw Dec 14, 2020 Results And Highlights: AJ Styles Defeats Sheamus Ahead of His World Title Match Against Drew McIntyre at TLC (View Pics) The Firefly Inferno match had no disqualification, no submission and no pinfall, the only way to win the match is to light any part of your opponent on fire. Throughout the match, both The Fiend and Randy Orton used different types of equipment to attack each other. The Fiend was set ablaze at the end by Orton and finally delivered him with RKO. The Viper then grabbed a can of gasoline and doused the unconscious Fiend before setting him on fire to end the show. Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles in the ladder match, however, The Miz tried to utilise the opportunity and cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. However, The Miz wasn't able to win the title and only found himself crashing through the table. Roman Reigns retained his WWE Universal Championship by defeating Kevin Owens. Jey Uso interfered in the match and distracted KO, which allowed The Big Dog to hit a low blow and register the victory. We also witnessed a shocking return of Charlotte Flair where she teamed up with Asuka to defeat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to win WWE Women's Tag Team Title. From men's division, The Hurt Business defeated The New Day to become Tag Team Champion. Story continues Also Read | Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins Announce Birth Of First Child Roux, WWE Couple Share Adorable Photo Highlights From WWE TLC 2020 Randy Orton Defeats Bray Wyatt Roman Reigns Remains Champion Charlotte Flair & Asuka Becomes WWE Women's Tag Team Champion View this post on Instagram A post shared by WWE (@wwe) We also saw Sasha Banks 'The Legit Boss' defeats Carmella to retain SmackDown Women's title. WWE fans will now look forward to Royal Rumble 2021, which will lay the road for WrestleMania 37.