14 October 2019 12:58

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ONE of Britain's worst paedophiles - who awarded himself "PedoPoints" depending on the severity of his crimes - has been stabbed to death in prison. Ex-English teacher Richard Huckle - serving 22 life terms for abusing up to 200 children abroad - was found slumped in his cell at top security Full Sutton jail, East Yorks, on Sunday. 6 Richard Huckle was given 22 life sentences for his sick crimes Credit: AFP Another unnamed con was in segregation today with cops set to launch a murder probe. Last night a source told The Sun: "It looks like Huckle was stabbed to death with makeshift blade. "It's not clear yet if the weapon has been found." Huckle, 33, admitted 71 counts of sex abuse against up to 200 children across Malaysia over nine years, some as young as six months.

One of Britain’s worst paedos Richard Huckle who raped and abused 200 kids abroad is stabbed to death in jail

The monster attacked girls, boys, toddlers and even a six-month-old baby in a nappy over nine years in a poor Malaysian community. He was jailed for 22 life sentences in June 2016 but it meant he could have been freed by his mid-50s as the sentence only carried a minimum of 25 years. 'CAMPAIGN OF RAPE' As he was caged, a friend of one victim yelled: "A thousand deaths is too good for you." The Old Bailey heard Huckle, a former member of a baptist church in Ashford, used his religion as a "stepping stone" for grooming kids in a Christian community. He clasped his hands in a prayer-like gesture as Judge Peter Rook QC told him: "You targeted and groomed children and their families in a poor community, no doubt seeking to impress them with your relative wealth as a Westerner." The judge said Huckle was consumed by and obsessed with his own sexual gratification and his "campaign of rape" was of "deep concern". SICK BOASTS Practising Christian Huckle first visited Malaysia on a teaching gap year when he was 18 and went on to groom children while doing voluntary work. Sick Huckle would brag about his crimes online in a chat room with other paedos. He wrote commentaries including: "I'd hit the jackpot, a three-year-old girl as loyal to me as my dog and no one seemed to care." Huckle even awarded himself points for varying grades of assaults on kids and shared pictures and videos of himself raping children. Timeline of events Evil Richard Huckle's nine year paedo reign 2005: Huckle first visits Malaysia on a gap year teaching placement. 2006: He spends two weeks in Cambodia where he sexually abuses two sisters aged four and six. 2007: He returns to Cambodia and stays with the same family. Huckle takes up a voluntary teaching post in their village. 2011: Huckle returns to Malaysia and enrols at Kuala Lumpur university to study IT. 2014: National Crime Agency receives a tip off from Australia alerting them to his online activities. Dec 2014: Huckle is arrested when he lands at Gatwick Airport on a trip home for Christmas. His parents are waiting for him when he is led away. Feb 2015: He is charged with more than 90 offences. June 2016: Huckle is handed 22 life sentences at the Old Bailey - but could be out in 25 years. October 2019: The monster is knifed to death in his prison cell He then sold his twisted videos for Bitcoins on the dark web and even published a "paedo-guide" on how to groom and abuse tots. The monster forced his victims to pose with hand-written signs to advertise his business and penned a 60-page perverts' handbook described entitled Pedophiles & Poverty: Child Lover Guide. He wrote: "If I were to transfer my skills learned from India and tried to use them in the West, I wouldn't last a month before I found myself in a cell." The fiend was finally caught out by Australian cops probing notorious paedo website The Love Zone (TLZ), which had 9,000 members before it was shut down. Huckle was arrested after he flew home to Ashford, Kent, for Christmas in 2014. MOST READ IN NEWS IT'S NOT FAIR! Actor who played Kevin the Teenager's dad dies aged 81 CHEERY CHAPPIE Baby born with no eyes needs a home after being abandoned by his mum BOOTED OUT Girl, 2, to be deported despite both her parents having British passports 'WHERE'S MY FRIENDS?' Dad's appeal as just 2 friends go to autistic daughter's 5th birthday RAIN OF TERROR 'Danger to life' flood alert as Japanese typhoon Hagibis could impact UK Police found 20,253 sick images on hard drives, many showing him abusing kids. The number of children abused by Huckle could be as high as 200 and 20 more charges were left to lie on file. Using laws that allows British citizens to be charged with crimes committed abroad, the National Crime Agency (NCA) charged him with 91 offences. 6 The sick paedo posed as a volunteer to target vulnerable kids 6 Christian Huckle prayed in the dock as he was sentenced to at least 25 years in jail Credit: Priscilla Coleman/MB Media 6 Huckle bragged about his crimes on the dark web and even wrote a paedo guide Credit: Sammie Gee 6 The pervert was arrested at Gatwick Airport in 2014 while trying to visit his family for Christmas Credit: Enterprise News and Pictures 6 Huckle boasted online that it was easier to abuse poor Asian children over wealthier Western kids