08 October 2019 21:56

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Trisha Paytas gave fans a shock when she unexpectedly announced she was coming out as a 'transgender gay man' in her latest YouTube video. The YouTube star shared a 15-minute video to her channel on Monday, titled: 'I am transgender (female to male). After explaining that it's 'something [she's] felt for a long time', Trisha said she intends to continue using her birth name and female pronouns, although she's not a fan of non-binary pronouns 'they' and 'them'. People always think there's something wrong with me because I don't have that many girlfriends but I do love girls — I love their sensitivity and all the stuff like that. However, it got confusing later on in the video when Trisha said that while she one thousand percent 'thinks' she is transgender, However, viewers were confused when Trisha later said that while she one thousand percent 'thinks' she is transgender, she also 'a thousand percent' identifies with her 'natural born gender'.

Trisha explained: 'In my head I feel like I'm a female transgender to male but also like a drag queen… I don't like to be the center of attention, except for when I want to be the center of attention. Trisha concluded the video: 'I think that's where I'm at and I feel really free and liberated.' Sharing their frustration with Trisha's comments, one Twitter user said: 'Trisha it's not about how you dress it's literally that you're 100% okay with your birth gender and you only feel like a guy bc you have guy friends and wanna date gay guys and have short hair you cannot just choose to be trans like that.' A member of the LGBTQ community said: 'I feel worried about how my entire identity is seen because of this video. MORE: Trisha Paytas reveals she dated 84-year-old when she was 19 as YouTuber Big Brother series launches The YouTuber Trisha Paytas said she is transgender in her latest video. Paytas said she identified as a gay man because she is attracted to other gay men and loves "glam and voluptuousness." Some people were upset because they thought she was making a joke out of transgender issues, and several called her out on social media and in the video's comments. The YouTuber Trisha Paytas posted a video on Monday called "I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)." Paytas, who is infamous for her trolling videos and emotional outbursts, started trending because she said that she felt more masculine than feminine, that she identifies as a gay man because she is attracted to other gay men, and that she loves "glam and voluptuousness." Paytas also said that she overcompensated for people calling her manly when she was younger by wearing makeup and overly revealing outfits, but that she has always had "penis envy." She ended the video by saying that she is "1,000%" transgender but also identified with her sex assigned at birth, and she told people it's OK to identify as whatever you want on any day.

Read more: The life and controversies of YouTuber Trisha Paytas, from public feuds and breakups to identifying as 'a chicken nugget' In the past few days, Paytas has posted photos on her Instagram Story of herself dressed up as Zac Efron's character in "High School Musical." In a caption for one post, she wrote, "Before u judge me, try hard to love me." One person said Paytas had just described being a tomboy in a "dramatic offensive video to get views." The YouTuber Stef Sanjati said it was tasteless to make light of transgender issues when trans people in the world are suffering. Paytas responded to the criticism by saying she wasn't joking when she made the video. "Because I don't look like a traditional male on the outside, I'm a joke?" she said. The British YouTuber Jake Edwards shared some thoughts about Paytas' video in a thread. YouTuber Trisha Paytas has revealed she identifies as transgender and feels like she is a "gay man" in a new video uploaded to her channel.

But followers of the influencer, who is infamous for creating clickbait content on topics ranging from her plastic surgery to her personal relationships, are concerned Paytas does not understand what it means to be transgender, and may inadvertently be making light of the struggles trans individuals often face. The 31-year-old discussed her feelings regarding gender and said she feels more masculine than feminine during a 15-minute YouTube video titled: "I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)." In the video, Paytas said: "I identify with men better. "In my head I feel like I'm a transgender female to male but also a drag queen," she added, explaining that she likes "glam" and dressing up but also likes to be "low-key". It is owned by the American firm Treasure Studio Cocomelon 9/15 Dude Perfect YouTube personalities Coby Cotton, Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, and Cory Cotton form Dude Perfect, a sports entertainment channel from the US Getty 10/15 HolaSoyGerman YouTube personality German Garmendia is a Chilean comedian and writer HolaSoyGerman 11/15 Ed Sheeran One of several musicians that populate the top 15 most popular YouTube channels, Ed Sheeran joined the list in 2017 Getty 12/15 Badabun Music channel Badabun's subscriber count has not been publicly visible since 6 March 2019, at which point it had 37.2 million subscribers Badabun / YouTube 13/15 Eminem US rapper Eminem first entered the list of the top 15 YouTube channels in 2013, the same year that PewDiePie took over AFP/Getty 14/15 Whinderssonnunes Brazilian Whindersson Nunes Batista joined YouTube in 2013 and became popular for his comedy videos Whinderssonnunes / YouTube 15/15 Ariana Grande US singer and actress Ariana Grande is the latest addition to the top 15 YouTube channels AFP/Getty 1/15 T-Series The YouTube channel homepage for Indian record label T-Series, which overtook controversial Swedish vlogger PewDiePie in 2019 AFP/Getty 2/15 PewDiePie PewDiePie has been the most popular YouTuber since 2013 PewDiePie / YouTube 3/15 5-Minute Crafts 5-Minute Crafts, which offers quick and quirky DIY tips to viewers, didn't even feature in the top 15 YouTube channels in July 2018 5-Minute Crafts 4/15 Canal KondZilla Brazilian music video producer and director KondZilla began his career after buying a camera with life insurance money left to him after his mother died when he was 18 Getty 5/15 SET India Sony Entertainment Televesion (SET) launched in 1995 and has recently seen huge growth of its Hindi-language YouTube channel AFP/Getty 6/15 Justin Bieber Canadian musician Justin Bieber held the number-two spot in 2018 before T-Series took over Getty 7/15 WWE World Wrestling Entertainment has managed to gain a huge following on YouTube by sharing clips of fights and interviews with its stars WWE 8/15 Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes This YouTube channel specialises in 3D animation videos of nursery rhymes, as well as its own original songs. According to Paytas, in addition to identifying as a gay man and also a drag queen, she feels she is transgender because she has experienced "penis envy" and has thought her life would "be easier if I had that part". During the video, Paytas also discussed the transgender and LGBTQ community, and explained that she doesn't believe people should have to identify as one gender or another. The YouTuber concluded the video: "So do I think I'm transgender? In response to the monologue, which has been viewed more than 856,000 times, people have accused Paytas of coming out as trans for "clicks" and criticised her for being "insensitive" and "degrading" to both transgender people and the struggles they experience. Others said they hope Paytas takes the opportunity to learn more about the transgender community, with many people pointing out that being trans means not identifying with the gender you were born. "I really hope you do some research on what being transgender is and realise how problematic and hurtful this video is for so many trans people," someone else said, while another tweeted: "Trisha Paytas is a living example of why people need to be more educated about being transgender." He says: 'I'm extremely fortunate to have the people in my life and to even have the transition I've had' Reuters 2/24 Aged 22, posing with Heaven. The video also prompted drag queen Vicky Vox to tell her followers to report Paytas. Because I don't look like a traditional male on the outside, I'm a joke? She also asked her followers to explain their issues with her "coming out video", adding: "Just know your judgements hurt me a lot.