09 February 2020 10:44

Just leave the make-up thing alone, please.

Alicia Keys has one request: please don't ask about make-up. The singer-songwriter-producer is happy to talk about her work, her views on music, feminism and parenting, her husband's fancy cars, her own life coach and her evolution into the radiant hippie being she is now. Just leave the make-up thing alone, please. Keys, 39, has a tenuous relationship with make-up. She decided 3½ years ago to — mostly — stop wearing it.

Alicia Keys interview: the original ‘woke’ superstar on co-parenting and self-help

It was before the body-positivity movement had taken off, before women were posting #nomakeupselfies on Instagram. It was shortly after she had her second child, Genesis, in 2014, that things began to change for her. "I started to uncover the unrealistic standards of beauty that are put on women," she says. "And I