28 October 2019 18:39

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Overwatch 2 could be revealed later this week – release date, characters and all the leaks so far

A new source has claimed that Overwatch 2 will definitely be at BlizzCon 2019, with the focus being on a new PvE mode. By this time next week Blizzard will likely have announced both Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2, as more details appear online to strengthen the case for both reveals. Following earlier rumours, the smoking gun for Overwatch 2 is a BlizzCon 2019 demo guide acquired by ESPN which talks about a four-player story experience set in Rio de Janerio. According to the guide, 'Much of the focus will be on story and narrative elements, Overwatch will see its first new mode since the game was released in beta in 2015, with 'Push' set to be unveiled alongside Assault, Control, Escort, Hybrid. Supposedly both the unnamed PvE mission and the new Push mode will be playable at BlizzCon 2019, which starts on Friday, 1 November.

The supposed sequel, which has seen several rumors flying around in the past, will include new game modes and PvE content, as well as new maps and heroes, ESPN revealed. Apparently there will be a major focus on story and narrative elements, and the PvE (cooperatively fighting computer-controlled enemies, as opposed to fighting other players or PvP) will throw a four-player squad into a full-on 'story experience' set in Rio de Janeiro. ESPN reckons that this PvE effort will be available to play at BlizzCon, along with a new game mode called 'Push' (and one new hero will be playable, too). Apparently Push will take place on a new map which is based on Toronto, and it will be available alongside the existing Assault, Control, Escort, Hybrid game modes. The author of the ESPN story later tweeted that there is the distinct possibility that the game won't actually be called Overwatch 2, but maybe something like Overwatch: Chapter 2 (indicating that it's not so much a full-on sequel as a progressive expansion of the game, albeit a major one).

A previous recent leak from a streamer (Metro) who has at least some form in getting things right regarding Overwatch spillage claimed that the sequel would be both a PvP and PvE game, and that it will introduce a full levelling system whereby the heroes can unlock abilities as they progress (potentially only for PvE – but who knows). Previous rumors about Overwatch 2 from a few months back include the fact that Blizzard ditched a sci-fi shooter set in the StarCraft universe because it wanted to deploy those resources to concentrate on making Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 instead. We'd already learned that Overwatch 2 is bringing a PvE mode with it, and seemingly it's going to be a four player co-op story mode affair, set in Lucio's home of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Given that the imagery we've seen so far showcases Lucio it's probably a decent guess that he's going to feature heavily in whatever shenanigans Blizzard has planned. Besides the headline story mode, fans will no doubt be clamouring for word on the new game mode entitled Push, alongside the reveal of a new map set in Toronto, which will undoubtedly please the Toronto Defiant Overwatch team and Canadians everywhere.

GAMERS are currently obsessing over the possibility of a brand new Overwatch game – and it could launch in just a few days. Rumours about an Overwatch 2 have been ramping up in recent weeks, with details on characters, maps and game modes already emerging. Overwatch 2 is a rumoured sequel to 2014's Overwatch, the hugely popular shooter game by Activision Blizzard. Blizzard hasn't actually confirmed that Overwatch 2 exists, but an increasing number of rumours and leaks are turning up online. However, Blizzard's annual BlizzCon convention is right around the corner, so a new game announcement wouldn't be hugely surprising.

3 The game is expected to focus on narrative rather than just multiplayer Credit: Blizzard The annual Blizzard convention is usually the place for blockbuster gaming announcements from the firm. Blizzard will typically reserve major news for its keynote speech, and an Overwatch 2 announcement is certainly possible. Of course, even if Blizzard announces the game at Blizzcon, it doesn't mean a release is imminent. It's a hero-based game where players choose to control one of more than 30 characters, each with different abilities and playstyles 3 New characters could be added to the game's line-up of playable heroes Credit: Blizzard Perhaps the biggest leak comes from ESPN, which claims to have obtained a BlizzCon training document (and info from an insider source) detailing Overwatch 2. That made it difficult for Blizzard to dispense the Overwatch story to players, despite characters have detailed backgrounds and the game having a rich lore.

Blizzard may finally have decided that Overwatch deserves proper campaign modes, and this could come in the form of an Overwatch 2 release. For instance, ESPN claims that Overwatch 2 will include a "four-player story experience set in Rio de Janeiro". For multiplayer gameplay, the report says that a new mode called Push is coming. And it also claims that we'll see a new hero added to the game too. What's not entirely clear is whether Blizzard is readying up an Overwatch 2, or simply an expansion to the current game. It's possible that Blizzard will take a leaf out of World of Warcraft's book and simply launch an expansion for the current game. However, Blizzard has previously released sequels for popular games – like Starcraft and Diablo – so the move wouldn't be unprecedented. And we reveal the best PS5 games you can expect to play next year. Blizzard are expected to announce Overwatch 2 at this year's BlizzCon, which is due to take place on November 1-3. BlizzCon is the annual Blizzard Convention at which the developers reveal upcoming projects, new content and, sometimes, entirely new games. This year, one of the headline announcements is expected to be a sequel for their hero-based FPS Overwatch. Details regarding the content of Overwatch 2 have been fairly limited, but the game is believed to feature both PvE and PvP elements. According to a report by ESPN, one of the PvE missions will be a four-player story experience based in Rio de Janeiro, suggesting that the game may expand on the four-player PvE style of content offered by the Overwatch Archives event missions in the current game. In addition, leaks have suggested that PvE modes will feature character progression, with heroes having their own levels and talents that allow players to customize their abilities. Meanwhile, the game will also reportedly introduce a new PvP mode named "Push", which will be shown off on a new Toronto-based map. Blizzard Overwatch 2 will reportedly introduce hero talents for PvE modes. One of the biggest changes introduced by Overwatch 2 could well be a change in the approach Blizzard take to monetizing it, with supposed leaker Metro claiming that the game will become free to play. Read more: Leaks claim Overwatch will go free-to-play amid sequel rumors Recent years have seen an increasing shift towards a free-to-play model for major titles, with many of the world's biggest games now being available for free. Given that Overwatch was recently released for Nintendo Switch at retail price, however, it seems fairly likely that if the game will become free to play, it won't be for some time yet. However, it's also not impossible that Blizzard might want to get players hands-on with the new version of Overwatch as soon as possible, and there's certainly precedent for a much quicker turn-around between reveal and release, albeit not from Blizzard themselves. Read more: Overwatch 2 leak reveals first look at new potential Hero and Talents Epic Games recently made their own major overhaul to their enormously popular battle royale Fortnite, releasing the game's chapter 2. Whether Blizzard could take this approach remains to be seen, and also depends heavily on exactly how much and what kind of new content will be coming with Overwatch 2. Blizzard Leaks suggest Overwatch commander Sojourn could also be joining the game as a new hero.