29 August 2020 00:32

Karate Kid ralph macchio reboot Toño Guzmán I have a very bad memory.

Ten years ago, the established Jackie Chan and rising star Jaden Smith starred in a reinvention of the legendary film Karate Kid (1984). This is how a film was released with favorable critical reception and outstanding at the box office, even deserving of compliments from the actor Ralph macchio. However, it cannot avoid having a certain problem with the reboot. In conversation with The Guardian, the star of the primal Karate Kid trilogy chose to give significant credit to the 2010 film. On the other hand, he pointed out that there was an inconsistency between his premise and the way he presented himself to the world.

Movies : Ralph Macchio confesses his problem with the Karate Kid reboot

« It enhanced the legacy of the original, » Macchio said. «[Pero] There is no karate in China, so it should have been called 'The Kung Fu Kid'.» Recall that the reboot starts from a course of action practically identical to that of the eighties film (almost to the point of the remake). However, the characters and their circumstances are very different: Dre Parker (Smith) is a 12-year-old boy who has to leave the US and move with his mother to Beijing, China. As the boy tries to adjust to a new culture, he is also abused by a neighborhood bully, so he enlists the help of the enigmatic Mr. Han (Chan). He will teach Dre the secrets behind the kunf fu and this learning will be put to the test in a hand-to-hand combat tournament. That said, the contradiction is more than obvious and has been alluded to right and left for a decade, now being Ralph Macchio's turn. Why is a movie about kung fu called The Karate Kid? In the 1984 film, Macchio played Daniel LaRusso (a ward of the iconic Mr. Miyagi). This role was taken up again by the actor thirty years later for the series Cobra Kai, whose first two seasons are already available through Netflix Latin America. Ready to go marathon? Karate Kid ralph macchio reboot Toño Guzmán I have a very bad memory. Out of solidarity with my memories, I choose to lose myself too. Preferably in a movie theater.