19 June 2020 20:32

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WhatsApp down: Last seen online status not working, users report privacy settings issue

Image Source: DOWN DETECTOR WhatsApp Down on Android, iOS. WhatsApp Down in India: WhatsApp users have been complaining about Last Seen glitch on the app in India and some other parts of the globe. According to the website Down Detector, the cross-platform messaging application has been facing issues in India since around 8:39 PM. Until now, over 2200 users have reported issues with WhatsApp on the website. Apart from reporting the issue on Down Detector, the users have been taking it to Twitter.

According to some users, the issue is with the Privacy Settings of the app. Users are unable to change their privacy settings including the ability to show their last seen to their friends or nobody. IndiaTVNews.com confirmed this on both Android and iOS versions of the app. You can have a look at the screenshot attached below to have a better understanding of what is happening. Image Source: DEVESH ARORA WhatsApp facing problems in India.

A lot of twitter users have been sharing their experience. Here's a glance at what Twitteratis have to say: Users not able to change their privacy settings on Android, iOS pic.twitter.com/gddcGpUMQN — Devesh Arora (@aroradevesh) June 19, 2020 #WhatsAppdown WhatsApp facing serious problems not showing last seen status on chat pic.twitter.com/QW0kT5a0F5 — Alok Kushwaha (@techseet) June 19, 2020 #whatsapp issues! Unable to change my last seen. The app currently has the last seen setting as 'Nobody' and that can't be changed — Vanshika Malhotra (@vanshika1628) June 19, 2020 @WhatsApp down: Last seen online status not working, users report privacy settings issue #WhatsAppDown pic.twitter.com/C82rWoZQ3t — Ayaz Buriro (@AyazBuriroPPP) June 19, 2020 Can't update privacy settings Last seen loading#WhatsAppDown pic.twitter.com/i33B3RiOWO — Dhruv Gupta (@DhruGupta3) June 19, 2020 According to Down Detector, 64 per cent of the users have reported issues with changing the Last Seen setting on their iOS or Android smartphone. While 26 per cent of the users have complained about connection issuers, 8 per cent of the reports suggest errors with users trying to login to the app.

The issue was first reported by BeetelBite. As per the website's live outage map, the issue is faced by a lot of users in Europe, Mexico, India and a lot of other regions. The website also claims that the issue is being faced by users in Singapore. Such an error usually occurs when there is some issue on the server-side. The Facebook-owned giant has been bombarded by user tweets up until now and they are already working on a fix. In case you are facing a similar problem on your smartphone, you should be able to change privacy settings soon. Once the app starts working fine, we will update this area. Latest Technology News Fight against Coronavirus: Full coverage Thousands of WhatsApp users have discovered an issue with the messaging app this afternoon, as it not showing contacts when they were last seen. The feature allows people to decide who can see when they were last active on the app, with "everyone" as the default option. There is also the option to set the last seen as contacts only or for nobody to be able to see it. Users of the Facebook-owned app began reporting that their "last seen" had switched from "everyone" to "nobody" without their knowledge. Thousands of WhatsApp users have been able to use the 'last seen' feature of the app today Ruchika Rajpal took to Twitter to raise the issue, writing: 'There's a glitch in WhatsApp servers. We cannot see anyone's last seen time, online or typing status. Wouldn't even have noticed it if my mom wouldn't have bugged me for an hour about this.' In addition, people are unable to change it back to "everyone" – any attempt to revert last seen prompts a message reading: "WhatsApp was not able to change privacy setting. Please try again later." When users have the last seen status set to "nobody", it restricts them for seeing when anyone else was on the app last too. The glitch appears to have affected the ability to see when a person is in the process of typing back, which usually informs users at the top of the app. According to the Down Detector self-reporting website, the largest volume of issue reports seem be clustered around Europe, though people from across the world seem to be raising the problem on Twitter. WhatsApp was approached for comment on the matter. WhatsApp down - Last seen status not working, users report privacy settings issue WhatsApp down reports are on the rise, with users of the hit chat app reporting issues accessing the last seen online status bar. Independent outage monitor Down Detector has seen a huge spike in WhatsApp down reports today. At the time of writing, Down Detector has registered a peak of almost 4,000 WhatsApp down reports. Out of those affected, 73 per cent are having problems with the WhatsApp last seen feature while 24 per cent are having connection issues. The Down Detector outage map says the WhatsApp issues are affecting users in the UK, Europe and US. WhatsApp users have taken to Twitter to report the issue, saying they are unable to change their last seen settings in the app's privacy settings. One tweeted: "Has anyone else's 'last seen' on WhatsApp been automatically turned off and can't turn it back on?!" While another posted: "Does anyone know what's going on with #whatsapp? "Last seen" suddenly says nobody and I haven't changed it." And one added: "Why would Whatsapp remove last seen, online and typing feature". It seems that the majority of WhatsApp users are still able to send and receive messages on the chat app despite this problem occurring. The disappearance of the last seen status in WhatsApp also means the online and typing alerts also aren't showing. Express.co.uk has contacted WhatsApp and asked if a fix is in the works for the issue. In other WhatsApp news, this week saw the launch of a long awaited feature for the Facebook-owned app. WhatsApp has rolled out its highly anticipated payments feature, but it is only available currently for those in Brazil. Down Detector has registered a huge spike in WhatsApp down reports 19 June 2020 Last Updated at 9:47 pm | Source: IANS WhatsApp down in India: Online status, privacy settings face issues New Delhi, June 19 (IANS) WhatsApp went down on Friday evening for millions of users in India and elsewhere who reported issues with privacy settings as well as last seen online status not working. According to outage monitor portal Down Detector, there was a 66 per cent spike in WhatsApp down reports, with last seen online status not working for them as well as 28 per cent reporting connection issues. Both Android and iOS WhatsApp users took to Twitter to report the issues. "WhatsApp is experiencing issues when updating privacy settings," tweeted WaBetainfo which tracks new features in Beta versions of the messasing app. "Has anyone else''s ''last seen'' on WhatsApp been automatically turned off and can''t turn it back on?!" one user tweeted. "Does anyone know what''s going on with #whatsapp?" tweeted another. Facebook or WhatsApp were yet to comment on the outage. On June 16, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram suffered outages in various parts of the world, and Instagram users were not able to post direct messages. In the first week of April, Facebook and Instagram went down for the PC and desktop users in the UK. On April 2, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down for millions of users in North and South America and Europe.--IANS Disclaimer: This story has not been edited by Outlook Staff and is auto-generated from news agency feeds. Source: IANS