25 August 2020 02:36

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The Conway family's opposing views: Where Kellyanne, daughter Claudia and George all stand

TikTok user Claudia Conway announced on Sunday that she is "officially pushing for emancipation" following a history of tension and claims that her mother Kellyanne Conway's "job ruined my life to begin with." Kellyanne resigned from her post as Senior White House Advisor "gratefully & humbly" shortly afterwards, alongside her husband George Conway who said he was stepping away from Project Lincoln to "devote more time to family matters." Politics has long divided the Conway family, with neither George, Kellyanne or their 15-year-old daughter able to see eye to eye on issues. She added that she and her father "agree on absolutely nothing" other than their shared desire to vote Trump out of office, while adding that she found it "heartbreaking that [Kellyanne] continues to go down that path after years of watching her children suffer." However, she also urged users to direct "no hate to my parents please." He has criticised Trump at length for his Twitter behaviour, calling Trump a "pathological liar" and "Idiot-in-Chief." However, he does not appear to share his daughter Claudia's more liberal views, as Claudia said "politically, we agree on absolutely nothing." Claudia has shared videos on TikTok promoting the Black Lives Matter movement - urging people to continue to fight for the arrest of police officers involved in the case surrounding the death of Breonna Taylor - and additionally spoken about being pro-choice while raising awareness about qualified immunity. Kellyanne Conway referred generally to her four remotely schooling children when she abruptly announced her resignation at the end of the month from the Trump administration, ahead of her upcoming scheduled RNC speech. Her husband, George Conway, might be stepping away from the Lincoln Project for reasons related vaguely to "family matters," as he also revealed on Sunday, but one person is pretty sure she can pinpoint exactly what caused the pair to simultaneously step away from their respective careers on the same day. Look at what I did, ladies and gentlemen," Claudia Conway said in a series of TikTok videos posted this evening.

"Look at what I did." The 15-year-old TikToker, who has dubbed herself a "radical agnostic liberal/leftist" has been putting her conservative parents', and in particular her mother's, feet to the political fire online all summer over police protests, Black Lives Matter, and any number of Trump policies, only going silent when she was forced to delete her account, though she was back at it again by July 18. On Saturday, Claudia Conway had tweeted about her desire to seek emancipation from her parents, and earlier in the day on Sunday, she posted on TikTok and Twitter that she was temporarily stepping away from social media all together. In a subsequent text post, Claudia Conway concluded, "words are not enough to express my love for my following. In a series of TikToks on Monday, Claudia Conway celebrated her parents' announcements that they would leave their political roles. Claudia is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, a senior White House counselor, and George Conway, a conservative lawyer who's been critical of President Donald Trump.

Claudia has criticized Trump and her mother's politics on social media, adding another layer to the interest in the marriage of her parents, who hold extremely different political views. Claudia Conway on Monday made a series of TikToks celebrating her parents' announcements that they would withdraw from politics. Claudia, 15, is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to President Donald Trump, and George Conway, an anti-Trump conservative lawyer. Over the past few weeks, Claudia has used her TikTok and Twitter accounts to voice opposition to Trump and her mother's politics. Kellyanne announced on Sunday that she would leave the White House at the end of August to focus on her family.

That day, George tweeted that he would withdraw from The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump conservative group he cofounded, "to devote more time to family matters." She recently said she was "devastated" that her mother was speaking at this week's Republican National Convention, and she joined in a TikTok trend by posting a video with the caption "You think u can hurt my feelings? Foto: A still from Claudia Conway's TikTok, and a photo of her mother, Kellyanne Conway. Kellyanne Conway, senior counselor to President Donald Trump, and her husband, George Conway, part of the Lincoln Project, have both announced plans to step away from their jobs after Claudia Conway, their 15-year-old daughter, tweeted that she planned to seek emancipation. Over the weekend, Claudia sent a series of tweets about her parents, including one in which she said she was "devastated" by news that her mom would be speaking at the Republican National Convention this week. In recent months, Claudia Conway has publicly criticized the political views of both of her parents.

As Kellyanne Conway steps down from her position at the White House, her 15-year-old daughter Claudia Conway announced plans to emancipate herself from her parents in a series of tweets posted on Sunday, Aug. 23, alleging "years of childhood trauma and abuse." Hours after her declaration, Kellyanne announced that she would be leaving her post as Donald Trump's senior adviser at the end of August. And her husband and Claudia's father, George Conway, also announced that he was leaving his job at the Lincoln Project. Kellyanne Conway's family has made headlines in recent months for publicly opposing her political views and criticizing Trump's performance as president, something her boss has not taken lightly. Claudia, meanwhile, has spoken out about her "leftist" views on social media, publicly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and even asking liberal Rep. Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez, a common source of contention for many Republican politicians, to adopt her. Claudia first gained notoriety in April on TikTok, where she posts videos bashing Trump and criticizing his policies.

She also constantly pokes fun at how much she differs politically from her parents, describing herself as a "radical agnostic liberal/leftist." Claudia often reposts her political tweets to TikTok as well, including one where she called Trump a "f*cking idiot" for wanting to reopen schools during the coronavirus pandemic. In July, Claudia claimed on Twitter that her parents made her delete all of her social media accounts, including her TikTok, as reported by The Cut. Keep fighting." However, just five days later, she was back on social media with a vengeance, promoting "Claudia Conway is a bad bitch" masks and publicly challenging her mother's politics on Twitter. On Sunday, Claudia shared that she was "devastated" that her mother was speaking at the Republican National Convention this week in support of Trump, who is seeking reelection in November. Neither Kellyanne nor George has publicly commented on Claudia's social media habits. When Kellyanne announced her decision to exit the White House, she attributed it to needing to focus on her family — without mentioning the emancipation claims. "For now, and for my beloved children, it will be less drama, more mama." George said he was leaving the Lincoln Project to "focus on family matters," but did not comment on Claudia specifically.