18 October 2019 00:58

Kim Kardashian Gradient FaceApp

A POPULAR app has taken Instagram by storm by allowing users to work out who their celebrity look-a-like is. The Kardashians are already big fans of 'Gradient', and have been sharing their doppelganger discoveries. Here's all you need to know about the app. 5 Kim Kardashian looks just like Cher, according to Gradient Credit: Instagram 5 Sister Kourtney got Audrey Hepburn when she tried Gradient Credit: Instagram What is Gradient and how can I download it? To use the app, you need to upload a selfie of yourself.

How to find out what celebrity you look like

Gradient will then trawl an archive of celebrity faces to find out who you most look like. Once it's found a close enough match, it'll create a four-image transition grid. There are other ways of using the app, as a general photo editor to enhance photos or make things sharper. Officially Gradient Photo Editor, the app is available on both iOS and Android App stores. The app became the talk of the town after the Kardashians began posting their look-a-like selfies, with Kim being compared to Cher. Although, the posts are all tagged with #Ad, meaning they would have been paid to post about the new app. 5 Scott Disick tried the app and was matched with himself Credit: Instagram 5 But he was also compared to Jared Leto Credit: Instagram 5 And he even got transitioned into Brad Pitt Credit: Instagram Is it free? Users get a free three day trial and then after that the prices range, but you will automatically be put on a £19.49 a month payment scheme. There are to pay monthly for £3.99 or weekly at £4.99 - but only if you manually change the pricing, otherwise you'll be hit with the highest price. Most read in tech HACK ATTACK Brits warned over mass 'sextortion' attack firing off 30,000 emails per hour VANISHING ACT Mystery of Europe's 'wiped-out' first civilisation solved by ancient tablets LOCHED OUT Mystery of Scottish Loch where millions of litres of water disappeared this year DREAM STREAM BBC could give every licence fee payer a FREE TV streaming stick SPACE ROCKS Nasa alert reveals FIVE asteroids to skim past Earth tomorrow MATCH MADE Viral app reveals what celeb you look like – and the Kardashians are loving it There have been concerns over privacy settings on the app, with little knowledge of where they might end up. Gradient is made by an unknown developer called Ticket To The Moon, who appears to have released no other apps. Viral selfie app FaceApp sparked privacy fears earlier this year after being linked to Russian spying.