03 September 2020 16:39

King Julien

A rumor circulating social media is that the voice actor of King Julien from the Madagascar franchise has died. The iconic ring-tailed lemur has been voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen and Danny Jacobs separately. Social media users have been posting tributes to both Cohen and Jacobs while others are questioning which of the voices behind Julien has passed away. This is however a double celebrity death hoax and needs to "move it, move it." Sacha Baron Cohen and Danny Jacobs Are Alive When the first Madagascar movie released in 2005, Sacha Baron Cohen lent his voice to the lemur ruler, King Julien. The creative genius behind characters like Ali G and Borat returned for the 2008 sequel while another voice actor, Danny Jacobs voiced one of the human characters.

Did the Voice Actor Behind King Julien of the “Madagascar” Franchise Die?

Jacobs would substitute for Cohen in the franchise spinoffs, The Penguins of Madagascar series, Merry Madagascar (2009) and Madly Madagascar (2013). Sacha would last voice the ring-tailed lemur in the 2012 movie while Jacobs sang the new rendition of "I Like to Movie it' for the soundtrack of the same film along with some other characters. Advertisement Jacobs would continue as the voice of King Julien in all future projects, including The Penguins of Madagascar movie, the valentine's day special, the Netflix original All Hail King Julien and the various video games in the franchise. While Sacha created the voice and personality of the flamboyant Julien, Danny maintained the persona of Julien. When rumors of one of these actors dying surfaced, fans wanted a clear answer. Cohen and Jacobs are both caught up in a death hoax. There is no official source citing either artist is deceased. Cohen has been actively posting on social media, the latest post being on August 31. His wife, actress Isla Fisher, has been sharing cute and funny posts as of September 2. There's no reason to believe Cohen or Jacobs have passed away. Don't Miss: FACT CHECK – Is "Duck Dynasty" Star, Si Robertson Dead?