23 March 2020 14:37

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Somizi had to explain himself recently when his fans questioned his allegiance to the LGBTQI+ community. This after he tweeted about forgiving rapper AKA for using the derogatory term "m***ie". AKA went on an explosive Twitter rant against Cassper Nyovest last week when he lost his cool and threw in "m***ie" in his attempt to belittle Cassper. AKA later apologised after receiving major backlash on social media. "I'd like to apologise to anybody offended by my use of the word "moffie" in a previous tweet.

Fans not happy with Somizi forgiving AKA for using the word 'm***ie'

At some point, I thought it wasn't a big deal to use this word. I understand now tit's not acceptable." Somizi, one of the most influential people in the LGBTQI+ community, responded by tweeting about forgiving the rapper for his lapse in judgement.