29 October 2019 04:42

Lana said Rusev only wanted to put a baby inside her.

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WWE News: Bobby Lashley on receiving death threats over his current storyline with Lana

WWE News: Bobby Lashley on receiving death threats over his current storyline with Lana Bobby Lashley and Lana Lana posted a video on her YouTube channel 'CJ Perry' where she appeared alongside Bobby Lashley, who is currently her on-screen love interest in WWE television. They talked about their relationship and about how both the Superstars received hate mail and death threats on the Internet ever since they started the storyline of Lana leaving her husband Rusev for Lashley. After a two-month hiatus, Lashley returned on the September 30 episode of WWE RAW along with Lana (who was also absent from WWE TV for quite some time) during Rusev's match against WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. On the October 21 episode of RAW, The Bulgarian Brute appeared in the ring along with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler in the latter's King's Court, where he was asked by Lawler to address the situation involving himself, Lana and Lashley. He was released later after no charges were pressed against him by either Lana or Lashley.

bobby lashley

Both Lana and Lashley noted that they have received a lot of hate mail from a large section of the WWE Universe, with some going as far as to send Lashley death threats. Not saying I'm going to fight every fan that disapproves of what we're doing, but I'm not going to back down to stupidity," Lashley said. After Lashley spoke about the nature of the comments that he receives on social media, Lana added that the comments directed towards her aren't any better and that she didn't want to discuss them. How did WWE turn Lana into the hero of the love triangle between her, Rusev and Bobby Lashley? Tonight (Oct. 28) on a very special episode of The King's Court, Rusev and Lana were scheduled to have a face to face conversation moderated by Jerry Lawler.

Lana was driven into the arms of Bobby Lashley because Rusev is a sex addict. So basically Rusev wanted Lana to have sex with him everyday and then birth a bunch of kids, foregoing her own career aspirations? Per Lashley, Rusev also cheated on Lana. Like watching a fiery train wreck, the only reason WWE has given fans to care about this story is to tune in to see if Rusev, Lana, or Bobby Lashley do something even dumber next week. It doesn't look like there's any chance of Rusev and Lana getting back together. The closing segment for this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw was a "King's Court" segment between Rusev and Lana. Earlier in the show, Lana told Lashley that she wanted to go out to the ring on her own. Lana said that she didn't want to air dirty laundry or embarrass Rusev but she constantly has to deal with fans saying mean things about her. Lana said the truth is that her marriage was only about what Rusev wanted and what he wanted was sex all day long and at different locations, including WrestleMania. Lana said Rusev only wanted to put a baby inside her. Lana said makes money by being ravishing and not being momma Rusev. Then Lana revealed that Rusev cheated on her and Lashley told her. Rusev said that Lashley is "talking sh**" and that's when Lashley walked out to the ring. Lashley nailed Rusev with a low blow and punches and then Lana and Lashley kissed in the ring.

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